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The Loyal Order of the Corn - Strange Midwestern fraternal group seen on episode No. 17 "Loyal Order of the Corn" (Mar 22, 1992) on the occult series EERIE, INDIANA/NBC/1991-92. when Marshall infiltrates his father's lodge and meets an alien (Ray Walston).

"Sometimes it gets tough battling the forces of Eerie by myself, even with a little help from Simon, but I always thought I could count on Mom and Dad for a dose of normality. But then Dad joined The Loyal Order of Corn, Eerie's version of the Moose Lodge, and started spending all his free time there which drove Mom crazy. I'd never even noticed the place. It kind of makes me wonder what else I haven't noticed." -- Marshall

Marshall Tell, citizen of Eerie, Indiana

The membership ranks in the Loyal Order of Corn included: seedlings, knee-highs, and third-degree ears.

Supreme attributes valued by The Loyal Order of Corn: patience, fortitude, persistence, loyalty, silence, strength, and loyalty (a double
supreme attribute).

Marshall and his homeless friend "The Kid with the Grey Hair" (Jason Marsden) infiltrated the Corn Lodge to discover its secret. "The Kid" believed that the cult leader (Ray Walston) might be his father because he, too, had mysterious dashes and plus markings on his hands, but the exterrestrial returned to his homeworld before "The Kid" (now called "Dash X") could learn the truth. ("The Kid with Grey Hair" nicknamed himself "Dash X" in this episode).

The Corn Lodge Official Song

"Hail to Thee, O Ears of Splendor" by Dean Friedman:

Hail to Thee, O Ears of Splendor,
Joyously we pledge our job
We declare our staunch allegiance
to protect your kingly cob.

With fidelity and devotion
and every day from dawn to dusk,
We will never shuck our duty,
we'll defend your noble husk.

Yea, we vow, our dear lodge brothers,
when 'er in need down through the years,
When there's trouble by the bushel
we will always lend an ear.

For from each teeny tiny kernel,
another Eerie ear is born,
There sprouts a Hardy sturdy stalk,
the Loyal Order of Corn.

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