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Sons of the Tundra - Fraternal lodge located in the town of Cicely, Alaska mentioned on episode "Sons of the Tundra" (episode # 6.9 aired 11/28/1994) on the rural drama NORTHERN EXPOSURE/CBS/1990-95.

Barry Corbin as Maurice J. Minnifield - NORTHERN EXPOSURE
Maurice J. Minnifield, ex-astronaut, leading citizen of
Cicely, Alaska and a member of the Sons of the Tundra

The members of this "Men's Only Club" are called "Fraters." The Fraters hosted an annual dinner that distributed toys. Initiation fees cost $2000.

The Sons of the Tundra organization appeared during the sixth season. The following cast appeared as members:

  • Barry Corbin as Maurice J. Minnifield
  • Apesanahkwat as Lester Haynes
  • Doug Ballard as Ronald Arthur Bantz
  • James L. Dunn as Hayden Keyes
  • John Maxwell as Senator Monkton
  • Bob Morrisey as Gil Le Fleur

The Sons of the Tundra motto: "Glacies Frangenda Est." They greet each other with a two finger salute off the right temple.

TRIVIA NOTE: In Britain, the equivalent of the middle finger insult is the two finger salute (index and middle finger). The two finger salute had it origins in warfare when the French would cut off the index and middle finger of all the captured archers to prevent them from taking up weapons again.

During a monumental English battle against the French, all the bowmen raised their two fingers in the air and waved them at the French as a sign of protest. Ever since those days, the two finger wave of the hand has been recognized as a gesture of insult and defiance. (as explained by actor Michael Caine while guest on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno in January of 1999.)

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