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California (Northern), State of

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Program Location
Lancer/CBS/1968-71. San Joaquin Valley
Lassie/SYN/1971-74 Solvang
Life with Elizabeth/SYN/1953-55 San Francisco
The Line-Up/CBS/1954-60 San Francisco
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing/CBS/1967-73 San Francisco

Love on a Rooftop/ABC/1966-67

San Francisco
McMillan/NBC/1976-77 San Francisco
McMillan & Wife/NBC/1971-76. San Francisco
MDs/ABC/2002 Mission General Hospital,
San Francisco
Midnight Caller/NBC/1988-91 San Francisco
Mr. Merlin/CBS/1981-82 San Francisco (High Park section)
Monk/USA/2002+ San Francisco
My Life & Times/ABC/1991 San Francisco
My Sister Sam/CBS/USA/1986-89 San Francisco

Mysteries of Chinatown/ABC/1949-50

San Francisco
Nash Bridges/CBS/1997-2001 San Francisco
The New Lassie/SYN/1989-91 Glen Ridge
NightMan/SYN/1997-99 San Francisco
Nobody's Perfect/ABC/1980 San Francisco
One Man's Family/NBC/1949-55 Sea Cliff, Overlooking
the Golden Gate Bridge
Out Of This World/SYN/1987-91 Town of Marlowe Near Carmel
Over My Dead Body/CBS/1990-91 San Francisco
Partners/FOX/1995-96 San Francisco
Partners in Crime/NBC/1984 San Francisco
The Partridge Family/ABC/1970-74 San Pueblo (near San Francisco)
Party of Five/FOX/1994-2000 San Francisco
Payne/CBS/1999 Whispering Pines Hotel (on coast)
Phyllis/CBS/1975-77 San Francisco
Pony Express/SYN/1959-60 Sacramento
Presidio Med/CBS/2002+ Presidio Medical Group, San Francisco
Racket Squad/SYN/CBS/1950-53 San Francisco
Sam Benedict/NBC/1962-63 San Francisco
San Francisco International Airport/NBC/1970-71 San Francisco
Sara/NBC/1985 San Francisco

The Senator/NBC/1970-71

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers/CBS/1982-83. Northern California
Shannon/CBS/USA/1981-82 & 84 San Francisco
Shirley/NBC/1979-80 Lake Tahoe
The Sinbad Show/FOX/1993-4. Silicon Valley South of San Francisco
Sliders/FOX/1995-97 San Francisco (and a multi-verse of alternative variations)
Sons & Daughters/CBS/1974 Stockton
The Streets of San Francisco/ABC/1972-77 San Francisco
Suddenly Susan/NBC/1996-2000 San Francisco
Take Five/CBS/1987 San Francisco
Tales of Wells Fargo/NBC/1957-62 Town Of Gloribee Near San Francisco

The Ted Knight Show/SYN/1986

Mill Valley & Marin County
T.H.E. Cat/NBC/1966-67 San Francisco
That's So Raven/DIS/2003-2005 San Francisco
Titus/FOX/2000-02 Small Coastal Town
Too Close For Comfort/ABC/SYN/1980-85 San Francisco
A Touch of Grace/ABC/1973 Oakland
Trapper John, M.D./CBS/1979-86 San Francisco
Twins/WB/2005 San Francisco (Corrigan Lingerie Co.)
VR.5/FOX/1995 San Francisco
Walter & Emily/NBC/1991 San Francisco
Wildside/ABC/1985 Wildside


San Francisco

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