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California (Southern), State of

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Program Location
Half Nelson/NBC/1985 Beverly Hills
Happy/NBC/1960-61 Palm Springs
Hardball/NBC/1989-90 Los Angeles
Hardcastle & McCormick/ABC/1983-86. Los Angeles
Harris Against the World/NBC/1964-65 Los Angeles
Harry-O/ABC/1974-76 San Diego
Harry-O/ABC/1974-76 Santa Monica
Hart To Hart/ABC/1979-84 Beverly Hills
The Hat Squad/CBS/1992-93 Los Angeles
The Hathaways/ABC/1961-62 Los Angeles
Having Babies/ABC/1978-79 Los Angeles
Headmaster/CBS/1970-71 Concord Prep School
Heart of the City/ABC/1986-87 Los Angeles
Hell Town/NBC/1985 East Los Angeles
Hennesey/CBS/1959-62 San Diego
Herbie, the Love Bug/CBS/1982 Los Angeles
Here We Go Again/ABC/1973 Encino
Here's Lucy/CBS/1968-74 Los Angeles
The Hero/NBC/1966-67 Hollywood
Hey Mulligan/NBC/1954-55 Hollywood
Hidden Hills/NBC/2002 Hidden Hills, Los Angeles Suburbs
High Incident/ABC/1996-97 El Camino
High Tide/SYN/1994 Los Angeles
Hiller & Diller/ABC/1997-98 Hollywood
Hitz/UPN/1997-98 Los Angeles
Hollywood Beat/ABC/1985 Hollywood
Hollywood Detective/A&E/1991 Hollywood
Hollywood Off Beat/SYN/DUM/CBS/1952-53 Hollywood 
Hollywood Off-Ramp/E!/2000 Hollywood
Holmes & Yoyo/ABC/1976 Los Angeles
Honey West/ABC/1965-66 Los Angeles
Hotel Malibu/CBS/1994 Malibu
The House On High Street/NBC/1959-60 Los Angeles
How To Survive a Marriage/NBC/1974-75 Los Angeles
The Hughleys/ABC/1998-2002 Southern California Suburbs
Hull High/NBC/1990 Los Angeles
Hunter/NBC/1984-91 & 95 Los Angeles
Husbands, Wives, & Lovers/CBS/1978 San Fernando Valley
I Had Three Wives/CBS/1985 Los Angeles
I Love Lucy/CBS/1951-57 Hollywood
I Married Dora/ABC/1987-88 Los Angeles
I Married Joan/NBC/1952-55 Los Angeles
I'm Dickens, He's Fenster/ABC/1962-63 Los Angeles 
Imagine That/NBC/2002 Los Angeles
In The House/NBC/1995-97 Los Angeles
The Insiders/ABC/1985-86 Los Angeles
The Interns/CBS/1970-71 Los Angeles
Isis/CBS/1975-78 Town of Larkspur
It's a Great Life/NBC/1954-56 Hollywood
It's a Living/ABC/1982/SYN/1985 Los Angeles
It's Like, You Know.../ABC/1999 Los Angeles
It's Not Easy/ABC/1983. Los Angeles
It's Your Move/NBC/1984-85 Los Angeles
The Jack Benny Show/CBS/NBC/1950-65 Beverly Hills
The Jackie Thomas Show/ABC/1992-93 Los Angeles
Jake and the Fatman/CBS/1987-92 Los Angeles
The Jamie Foxx Show/WB/1996-2001 Los Angeles
The Jean Arthur Show/CBS/1966 Los Angeles
Jennifer Slept Here/NBC/1983-84 Beverly Hills
Jenny/NBC/1997 Hollywood Hills
Jessica Novak/CBS/1981 Los Angeles
Jessie/ABC/1984 Southern California
Jigsaw John/NBC/1976 Los Angeles
Jessica Novak/CBS/1981 Los Angeles
The Jimmy Stewart Show/NBC/1971-72 Town of Easy Valley
Joe Forrester/NBC/1975-76 Los Angeles
The Joey Bishop/NBC/CBS/1961-65 Hollywood
Julia/NBC/1968-71 Los Angeles
Julie Farr, M.D./ABC/1978-79 Los Angeles
Just In Time/ABC/1988 Los Angeles
Just Our Luck/ABC/1983 Venice
The Kallikaks/NBC/1977 Town of Nowhere
Karen/NBC/1964-65 Southern California
Kate Loves a Mystery/NBC/1979 San Fernando Valley
Kate McShane/CBS/1975 Los Angeles
Kaz/CBS/1978-79 Los Angeles
Kentucky Jones/NBC/1964-65 Rural California
King's Crossing/ABC/1982 King's Crossing
Knot's Landing/CBS/1979-93 Knot's Landing

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