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Great Britain - London Area

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Program Location
Abigail And Roger/BBC/1956 London
Absolutely Fabulous/BBC/1992 London
 Ace of Wands/BBC/1970-72 London
Adam Adamant Lives!/BBC/1966-67 London
The Adventurer/ITC/1972-73 London & Paris
The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu/SYN/1956 London & Macao
The Adventures of Martin Kane (The Return of) /SYN/1957-58 London & Paris
The Adventures of Sir Francis Drake/ATV/NBC/1962. Queen Elizabeth's Court
The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes/GUI/1954-55 London
The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes/GRA/1984 London
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple/BBC/1984-92. London
Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot/LWT/1989+ France, Belgium, England
Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime/LWT/1983-84 London
Agony/LWT/1979-81 London
Ain't Misbehavin'/BBC/1994-95 London
The Airbase/BBC/1965 WWII American Air Force Base in Rural England
Airline/YTV/1982 London
Albert!/YTV/1972 London
Albert And Victoria/YTV/1970-71 Victorian London
Alcock And Gander/THA/1972 Soho, London
 Alexander The Greatest/ATV/1971-72 Golders Green, London
All At No. 20/THA/1986-87 London
All Gas And Gaiters/BBC/1966 & 1967-71 London
All In Good Faith/THA/1985-88 Inner City London Parish
All Our Saturdays/YTV/1973 London
American Embassy/FOX/2002 American Embassy, London
And Mother Makes Three/THA/1971-73 London
And Mother Makes Five/THA/1974-76 London
Andy Capp/THA/1988 London
Angels/BBC/1975-83 St. Angela's Hospital, London
The Appleyards/BBC/1952-57 London
Are You Being Served ?/BBC/1972-85 London (Grace Brothers Department Store)
As Time Goes By/BBC/1992-98 London
Ashenden/BBC/1991 WWI England & Europe
The Avengers/SYN/ABC/1961-69 London
The Awful Mr. Goodall/LWT/1974 Eastbourne
Babes In The Wood/CAR/1998 St. Johns Wood, London
Backup/BBC/1995 London
Barlow/BBC/1974-75 London
Barlow At Large/BBC/1971 & 73 London
The Baron/ATV/ITC/1966 Paris, Washington D.C. & London
The Bed-Sit Girl/BBC/1965-66 London
Between The Lines/BBC/1992-94 London Complaints Investigations Bureau
Big Breadwinner Hogg/GRA/1969 London
Big Deal/BBC/1984-86 London
Big Jim And The Figaro Club/BBC/1981 London
Biggles/GRA/1960 London
The Bill/THA/1984-92 & 1993+ East End, London
Bill Brand/THA/1976 London
Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School/BBC/1952-61 London
Bird Of Prey/BBC/1982 London
Bird Of Prey 2/BBC/1984 London
Birds Of A Feather/BBC/1989-98 London
The Black Adder/BBC/1983 Medieval England
Black Silk/BBC/1985 London
Blackadder II/BBC/1986 Elizabethan England
Blackadder The Third/BBC/1987 Late 18th Century England
Blackadder Goes Forth/BBC/1989 WWI England
Black Arrow/SOU/1972-75 15th Century England
Blackeyes/BBC/1989 London
Bless Me Father/LWT/1978-81 Fairwater, Suburban London
Bless This House/THA/1971-76 London
Bognor/THA/1981 London
Bonehead/BBC/1960-62 London
Bootsie And Snudge In Civvy Street/GRA/1960-63 London
The Bounder/YTV/1982-83 London
Boyd Q.C./A-R/1956-65 London
Brass/GRA/1983-84 London
The Bretts/SYN/1987 1920s London
The Brothers/BBC/1972-76 London
Brothers In Law/BBC/1962 London
Brush Strokes/BBC/1986-91 London
Buccaneer/BBC/1980 Red-Air Freight Co., London
The Buddha Of Suburbia/BBC/1993 South London
Budgie/LWT/1971-72 Outside Soho Section of London
Bugs/BBC/1995 London
Bulman/GRA/1985 & 87 London
Butterflies/BBC/1978-83 London
Call Oxbridge 2000/ATV/1961-62 London
Callan/ABP/THA/1967-72 London
Campaign/BBC/1988 London
Campion/BBC/1989 1930s London
Capital City/THA/1989-90 London
Cardiac Arrest/BBC/1994-96 London
The Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes/GRA/1991-93 London
Castles/BBC/1995 North London
C.A.T.S. Eyes/TVS/1985-87 London
Chancer/ITV/CEN/1990 London
Chandler & Co./BBC/1994-95 London
The Chinese Detective/BBC/1981-82 Limehouse District, East London
Charters & Caldicott/BBC/1985 London
The Cheaters/SYN/1960-61 London
Citizen Smith/BBC/1977-80 London
Codename/BBC/1970 MI 17, London
Colin's Sandwich/BBC/1988 London
Colonel March of Scotland Yard/SYN/1953-54 London
Compact/BBC/1962-65 Compact Magazine, London
Court-Martial/ABC/1966. London
Covington Cross/ABC/1992 Medieval England (c1350)
Cracker (Fitz)/GRA/1993-95 London
The Crezz/THA/1976 The Carlisle Crescent, London
Cribb/GRA/1980-81 Victorian London
Crime Street/A-R/1959 London
Crossroads/ATV/1964-65 Midland's King's Oak Crossroads Motel
Crown Court/GRA/1972-84 Fulchester Crown Court, London
Crown Prosecutor/BBC/1995 London
The Cuckoo Waltz/GRA/1975-77 & 1980 London
Curry And Chips/LWT/1969 London
Dalgliesh/SYN/1983+ London
Dad/BBC/1997-99 London
Danger Man/ATV/ITC/1960-61;1964-67 London
Dead Ernest/CEN/1982 London
Dead Head/BBC/1986 South London
Deadline Midnight/ATV/1960-61 The Daily Globe, Fleet Street, London
Dear John.../BBC/1986-87 London
Dear Mother...Love Albert/THA/1970-71 London
Death Of An Expert Witness/ANG/1983 London
Dempsey and Makepeace/LWT/SYN/1985-86 London
The Detectives/BBC/1993-97 London
Dial 999/SYN/1958 Scotland Yard, London
Diamond Crack Diamond/LWT/1970 Fleet Street, London
Dick And The Duchess/A-R/CBS/1957-59 London
Dick Barton-Special Agent/SOU/1979 London
Dickens Of London/YTV/1977 London
Dinnerladies/BBC/1998 London Canteen
Dixon Of Dock Green/BBC/1955-76 Dock Green, London's East End
Doctor At Sea/SYN/1974 London & Abroad
Doctor At Large/LWT/1971 St. Swithins Teaching Hospital, London
Doctor In Charge/LWT/1972-73 St. Swithins Teaching Hospital, London
Doctor In The House/LWT/1969-70 St. Swithins Teaching Hospital, London
Doctor On The Go/LWT/1975-77 London & Abroad
Doctor On The Go/SYN/1975 London
The Doctors/BBC/1969-71 London
Don't Forget To Write!/BBC/1977 & 1979 London
Don't Wait Up/BBC/1983-90 London
Doomwatch/BBC/1970-72 London
Drop The Dead Donkey/C4/1990-98 London
The Duchess of Duke Street/BBC/1976-77 Bentinck Hotel, London

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