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New York City

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Program Location
East Side/West Side/CBS/1963-64 New York City
Eddie Dodd/ABC/1991 New York City
87th Precinct/NBC/1961-62. Manhattan
Eischied/NBC/1979-80 New York City
The Eleventh Hour/NBC/1962-64 New York City
Ellery Queen/NBC/1975-76 Manhattan
Ellis Island/CBS/1984 Ellis Island, New York Harbor
Empire/CBS/1984 New York City
The Equalizer/CBS/1985-89 New York City
Everybody Hates Chris/UPN/2005+ Brooklyn (in 1982)
Everybody Loves Raymond/CBS/1996-2005 Long Island
Everything's Relative/CBS/1987 Soho Section
Fair Exchange/CBS/1962-63 New York City
Falcone/CBS/2000 New York City
Fame/NBC/SYN/1982-87 New York City
Family Affair/CBS/1966-71 Manhattan
Family Affair/WB/2002-2003 Manhattan
The Fanelli Boys/NBC/1990-91 Brooklyn
The Fashion Story/ABC/1948-49 New York City
Feds/CBS/1997 Manhattan
Felicity/WB/1998-2002 New York City
The Files of Jeffrey Jones/SYN/1954-55 New York City
Fired Up/NBC/1997 Manhattan
The First 100 Years/CBS/1950-52 New York City
Fish/ABC/1977-78 Brooklyn
Flame In The Wind/ABC/1965-66 New York City
Flatbush/CBS/1979 Flatbush Section of Brooklyn
Flying Blind/FOX/1992 Greenwich Village & Manhattan
Foley Square/CBS/1985-86 Manhattan
Foot in the Door/CBS/1983 New York City
For the People/CBS/1965 New York City
Four Just Men/SYN/1959-60 London, Paris, Rome & New York City
Four Kings/NBC/2006 Manhattan (Posh Apartment)
413 Hope St./FOX/1997-98 New York City
Free Country/ABC/1978 New York City
Frannie's Turn/CBS/1992 Staten Island
Friends/NBC/1994-2004 Manhattan
Front Page Detective/DUM/SYN/1951-53 New York City
Fudge/ABC/1995-96 Manhattan
The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen/NBC/1958-59 New York City
The Gangster Chronicles/NBC/1981 New York City
The Geena Davis Show/ABC/2000-2001 Manhattan
The George Burns And Gracie Allen Show/CBS/1950-58 New York City
The George Carlin Show/FOX/1994-95 Manhattan
Gideon Oliver/ABC/198 New York City
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E./NBC/1966-679  (ABC Mystery Movie) New York City
Gimme a Break/NBC/1981-87 New York City
The Girls/CBS/1950 Greenwich Village
Going My Way/ABC/1962-63 New York City
The Goldbergs/CBS/NBC/DUM/1949-54/SYN/1955-56 Bronx
Golden Windows/NBC/1954 New York City
Good Company/CBS/1996-97 Manhattan
Grindl/NBC/1963-64 New York City
Grounded For Life/FOX/2001-2005 Staten Island Near New Jersey
Growing Pains/ABC/1985-92 Huntington, Long Island
The Hamptons/ABC/1983 Hampton Resorts, Long Island
Harrigan & Son/ABC/1960-61 New York City
Harry/ABC/1987 New York City
Hawk/ABC/1966 Manhattan
He & She/CBS/1967-68 New York City
Head Of The Class/ABC/1986-01 Monroe High School, Manhattan
Heaven for Betsy/CBS/1952 New York City
Heavens to Betsy/NBC/1949 New York City
H.E.L.P./ABC/1990 Harlem
Here And Now/NBC/1992-93 Upper Manhattan
Herman's Head/FOX/1991-93 New York City
Hey, Jeannie/CBS/1956-57 New York City
Hey, Landlord/NBC/1966-67 Manhattan
High Society/CBS/1995-96 Manhattan
Holiday Hotel/ABC/1950-51 New York City
Honestly, Celeste!/CBS/1954 New York City
The Honeymooners/CBS/1955-56 Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
Hot Properties/ABC/2005 Manhattan (Hot Properties, All-Female Real Estate Firm)
Hotel Cosmopolitan/CBS/1957-58 New York City
Hotel Room/HBO/1993. Room 603 (Unnamed Hotel), New York City
The House On High Street/NBC/1959-60 New York City
How To Marry a Millionaire/SYN/1958-59 New York City

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