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New York City

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Program Location
I Cover Times Square/ABC/1950-51 New York City
I Love Lucy/CBS/1951-57 Manhattan
I'm the Law/SYN/1953 New York City
Ink/CBS/1996-97 New York City
The Investigator/NBC/1958 New York City
The Investigators/CBS/1961 New York City
It's a Business?/DUM/1952 New York City
It's Always Jan/CBS/1955-56 New York City
Jimmy Hughes, Rookie Cop/DUM/1953 New York City
Janet Dean, Registered Nurse/SYN/1954-55 New York City
The Jefferson's/CBS/1975-85 .Manhattan East
The Job/ABC/2001-02 21st Precinct, New York City
Joe & Mabel/CBS/1955-56 New York City
Joe & Valerie/NBC/1978-79 Brooklyn
Joe Bash/ABC/1986 33rd Precinct, New York City
The Joe Palooka Story/SYN/1953-54 New York City
The Joey Bishop Show/NBC/CBS/1961-65 New York City
Johnny Midnight/SYN/1959-60 New York City
Johnny Staccato/NBC/ABC/1959-60 Greenwich Village
Justice/NBC/1954-56. New York City
Kate & Allie/CBS/1984-89 Greenwich Village
Kay O'Brien, Surgeon/CBS/LIF/1986-87 Manhattan
The King of Queens/CBS/1998-2007 Queens
Kirk/WB/1995-96 New York City
Kitchen Confidential/FOX/2005 New York City
Kojak/CBS/1973-78/ABC/1989-90 13th Precinct, Manhattan South
Kristin/NBC/2001 Manhattan
Ladies' Man/CBS/1980-81 New York City
The Law & Mr. Jones/ABC/1960-62 New York City
Law & Order/NBC/1990+ New York City
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/NBC/1999+ New York City
Law & Order: Criminal Intent/NBC/2001+ New York City
The Lawless Years/NBC/1959-61 New York City
Leap Years/SHO/2001-2002 New York City
Leg Work/CBS/1987/LIF/1988-89 New York City
Less Than Perfect/ABC/2002-2006 New York City
Life with Father/CBS/1953-55 New York City
Living Dolls/ABC/1989 New York City
Living Single/FOX/1993-97 Brooklyn
Lotsa Luck/NBC/1973-74 New York City
Love & War/CBS/1992-95 New York City
Love, Sidney/NBC/1981-83 Manhattan
Love That Jill/ABC/1958 Manhattan
Mad About You/NBC/1992-99 Manhattan
Madigan/NBC/1972-73 New York City
Madman of the People/NBC/1994-95 New York City
Mama Malone/CBS/1984 Brooklyn
Mama's Boys/NBC/1987-88 Manhattan
Man Against Crime/DUM/NBC/CBS/1949-54 & 56 New York City
Man In The Family/ABC/1991 Brooklyn
Man with a Camera/ABC/1958-60 New York City
Manimal/NBC/1983 New York University
Marge & Jeff/DUM/1953-54 New York City
The Mark Saber Mystery Theatre/ABC/1951-54 New York City
Markham/CBS/1959-60 New York City
The Marriage/NBC/1954 New York City
Married People/ABC/1990-91 Harlem, Manhattan
The Marshall Chronicles/ABC/1990 Manhattan
Martin Kane, Private Eye/NBC/1949-53 New York City
Mary Kay & Johnny/DUM/NBC/CBS/1947-50 Greenwich Village
The Mask/ABC/1954 New York City
McCloud/NBC/1970-77 Manhattan
Me & Maxx/NBC/1980 New York City
Meet Millie/CBS/1952-56 Manhattan
Melba/CBS/1986 Manhattan
Michael Hayes/CBS/1997 New York City
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer/SYN/1957-59 New York City
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer/CBS/1984-87. New York City
Mike Hammer: Private Eye/SYN/1997-98 New York City
Misery Loves Company/FOX/1995 New York City
Mrs. G. Goes To College/CBS/1961-62 New York City
Mr. & Mrs. Mystery/CBS/1949-50 New York City
Mr. & Mrs. North/CBS/NBC/1952-54 Greenwich Village
Mr. Broadway/CBS/1964 New York City
Mr. Deeds Goes To Town/ABC/1969-70 New York City
Mixed Doubles/NBC/1949 New York City
Monty/FOX/1994 Long Island
The Morey Amsterdam Show/CBS/DUM/1948-50 New York City
Morning Star/NBC/1965-66 New York City
Murder, She Wrote/CBS/1984-96 New York City
Muscle/WB/1995 Manhattan
My Favorite Husband/CBS/1953-55 Manhattan
My Friend Irma/CBS/1952-54 Manhattan
My Guys/CBS/1995-96 New York City
My Sister Eileen/CBS/1960-61 Greenwich Village
My Two Dads/NBC/1987-90 Manhattan

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