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New York City

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Program Location
Naked City/ABC/1958-63. New York City
The Nanny/CBS/1993-99 Queens & Manhattan
Ned And Stacey/FOX/1995-97 New York City
Needles & Pins/NBC/1973 New York City
Nero Wolfe/NBC/1981 Manhattan
The New Ghostwriter Mysteries/CBS/1997 Brooklyn
New York Confidential/SYN/1958-59 New York City
New York Undercover/FOX/1994-98 New York City
New York News/CBS/1995 New York City
Newsradio/NBC/1995-99 New York City
Nick & Hillary (Tattinger's)/NBC/1988-89 Manhattan
Night Court/NBC/1984-92 Manhattan
Not For Publication/DUM/1951-52 New York City
Nurse/CBS/1981-82. New York City
The Nurses/CBS/1962-65/ABC/1965-67 New York City
The Nutt House/NBC/1989 Manhattan
N.Y.P.D./ABC/1967-69 New York City
NYPD Blue/ABC/1993-2005 15th Precinct, New York City
Occasional Wife/NBC/1966-67 New York City
The Odd Couple/ABC/1970-75 Manhattan
Off Centre/WB/2001-2002 Hadley on Centre Building, New York City
On Our Own/CBS/1977-78 New York City
One In A Million/ABC/1980 New York City
Our Family Honor/ABC/1985-86 New York City
Over the Top/ABC/1997-98 Mid-Town Manhattan
Papa Cellini/ABC/1952 New York City
Paper Dolls/ABC/1984 New York City
The Parent 'Hood/WB/1995-99 Manhattan
Park Place/CBS/1981 New York City
Party Girl/FOX/1996 New York City
The Patty Duke Show/ABC/1963-66 Brooklyn Heights
Photocrime/ABC/1949 New York City
Pig Sty/UPN/1995 Manhattan Upper West
Platypus Man/UPN/1995 New York City
Policewoman Decoy/SYN/1957-58 New York City
Popi/CBS/1976 New York City
The Practice/NBC/1976-77 Manhattan West
The Preston Episodes/FOX/1995 New York City
Pride & Joy/NBC/1995 .Manhattan
Prince Street/NBC/1997 Soho
Princesses/CBS/1991 Manhattan
Private Secretary/CBS/NBC/1953-57 New York City
Public Morals/CBS/1996 New York City
Pulse of the City/DUM/1953-54 New York City
The Queen & I/CBS/1969 New York Harbor
The Random Years/UPN/2002 New York City
Regular Joe/ABC/2003 .Binder Hardware, Queens, NY
The Reporter/CBS/1964 Manhattan
Rhoda/CBS/1974-78 Manhattan
Richard Diamond, Private Detective/CBS/NBC/1957-60 New York City
The Roaring Twenties/ABC/1960-62 New York City
Rocky King, Inside Detective/DUM/1950-54 Manhattan
Room for Romance/CBS/1990 (Upper East Side) Manhattan
Room For Two/ABC/1992-93 Manhattan
Roxie/CBS/1987 New York City
Ryan's Hope/ABC/1975-89 Manhattan West

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