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New York City   See also  - "New York State"

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Program Location
Saints & Sinners/NBC/1962-63 New York City
Seinfeld/NBC/1990-98 New York City
Semi-Tough/ABC/1980 New York City
Serpico/NBC/1976-77 New York City
704 Hauser/CBS/1994 Queens
Sex and the City/HBO/1998-2004 New York City
Shaft/CBS/1973-74 New York City
Simon/WB/1995-96 Harlem
The Single Guy/NBC/1995-97 New York City
Social Studies/UPN/1997 Woodbridge Academy, Manhattan, Upper West Side
Something So Right/NBC/ABC/1996-98 Manhattan
Spin City/ABC/1996-2002 New York City (City Hall)
Staccato/NBC/ABC/1959-60 Greenwich Village
The Stage Door/CBS/1950 Broadway
Stanley/NBC/1956-57 New York City
STAT/ABC/1991 Hudson Memorial Hospital, New York City
Stop Susan Williams/NBC/1979 New York City
Subway Stories/HBO/1997 New York City Subway System
Sunday Dinner/CBS/1991 Great Neck, Long Island
The Super/ABC/1972 New York City
The Survivors/ABC/1969-70 New York City
Suzanne Pleshette Is Maggie Briggs/CBS/1984 New York City
Take It From Me/ABC/1953-54 Bronx & Brooklyn
The Tammy Grimes Show/ABC/1966 New York City
Tattinger's/NBC/1988-89 New York City
Taxi/ABC/NBC/1978-83 New York City
The Ted Knight Show/CBS/1978 Manhattan
The Telltale Clue/CBS/1954 New York City
Temporarily Yours/CBS/1997 Brooklyn & Upper East Side
That Girl/ABC/1966-71 .Manhattan
That Wonderful Guy/ABC/1949-50 New York City
That's Life/ABC/1998 Queens
The Thin Man/NBC/1957-59 Manhattan
13 Queens Boulevard/ABC/1979 Queens
Three Steps To Heaven/NBC/1953-54 New York City
The Thorns/ABC/1988 Manhattan
Throb/SYN/1986-88 Manhattan
A Time For Us/ABC/1965-66 New York City
Time Warp Trio/DSK/NBC/2005 Brooklyn
The Tony Danza Show/NBC/1997 New York City
Too Something/FOX/1995 New York City
The Trials of O'Brien/CBS/1965-66 New York City
Tribeca/FOX/1993 Tribeca In Lower Manhattan
Trinity/NBC/1998 Hell's Kitchen
True Blue/NBC/1989-90 Emergency Services Unit, New York City
T.V.101/CBS/1988-89 Yonkers
Two Girls Named Smith/ABC/1951 New York City
The Two of Us/CBS/1981-82 Manhattan
Union Square/NBC/1997-98 .Manhattan
Valentine's Day/ABC/1964-65 New York City
The Walter Winchell Show/ABC/1957-58 New York City
Washington Square/NBC/1956-57 .Greenwich Village
The Wayans Bros./WB/1995-99 Manhattan
We Got It Made/NBC/1983-84/SYN/1987-88 New York City
W.E.B./NBC/1978 New York City
Welcome Back, Kotter/ABC/1975-79 Brooklyn 
Welcome to New York/CBS/2001-2001 WNYD Channel 6, New York City
What I Like About You/WB/2002-2006 Upper West Side, New York City
Where I Live/ABC/1993 Harlem
Where's Raymond/ABC/1953-55 New York City
Will & Grace/NBC/1998-2006 Manhattan
Willy/CBS/1954-55 New York City
Witchblade/TNT/2001-2002 New York City
A Woman To Remember/DUM/1949. New York City
Woman With A Past/CBS/1954 New York City
Wonderland/NBC/2000 Rivervue Hospital
Working It Out/NBC/1990 Manhattan
You Again?/NBC/1986-87 Queens
You Can't Take It With You/SYN/1987-88 Staten Island
You're The One/WB/1998 Long Island
Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane/WB/1999-2000. Chelsea

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