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Pennsylvania, State of
Program Location
All My Children/ABC/1970+ Pine Valley
Amen/NBC/1986-91 Philadelphia
American Dreams/NBC/2002-2005 Philadelphia circa 1963
Angie/ABC/1979-80 Philadelphia
Boy Meets World/ABC/1993-2000 Philadelphia
Bringing Up Jack/ABC/1995 Philadelphia
Bustin' Loose/SYN/1987-88 Philadelphia
Dads/ABC/1986-87 Philadelphia
Delta House/ABC/1979 Faber College, Town of Faber
Dreams/CBS/1984 Philadelphia
Equal Justice/ABC/1990-91 Pittsburgh
Family Album/CBS/1993 Philadelphia
Gibbsville/NBC/1976 Gibbsville
Grand/NBC/1990 Town of Grand
The Guardian/CBS/2001-2004 Pittsburgh
Gung Ho/ABC/1986-87 Pittsburgh
Hack/CBS/2002-2004 Philadelphia
The High Life/HBO/1996 Pittsburgh
Hope & Gloria/NBC/1995-96 Pittsburgh
Lock Up/SYN/1959-61 Philadelphia
Mr. Belvedere/ABC/1985-90 Pittsburgh
My So-Called Life/ABC/MTV/1994-95 Pittsburg (Suburbs of Three Rivers )
One Life To Live/ABC/1968+. Llanview
The Office/NBC/2005+ Scranton (Dunder Miffllin Paper Co.)
Philly/ABC/2001-02 Philadelphia City Hall
Pursuit of Happiness/ABC/1987-88 Philadelphia
Queer As Folk/SHO/2000-2005 Pittsburgh
Remember WENN/AMC/1996-98 1940s Pittsburgh
Rewind/FOX/1997 Philadelphia
The Roller Girls/NBC/1978 Pittsburgh
Shannon's Deal/NBC/1990-91 Philadelphia
Sirens/ABC/SYN/1993-95 Pittsburgh
Skag/NBC/1980 Pittsburgh
Strong Medicine/LIF/2000-2006 Rittenhouse Hospital, Philadelphia
Tall Hopes/CBS/1993 Philadelphia
Teech/CBS/1991 Winthrop Academy In Suburban Philadelphia
Thirtysomething/ABC/1987-91 Philadelphia
The Tony Randall Show/ABC/CBS/1976-78. Philadelphia
The Van Dyke Show/CBS/1988 Town of Arley
You Take The Kids/CBS/1990-91 Pittsburgh
The Young Rebels/ABC/1970-71 Chester

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