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Greeting Catchphrases

"Come on Down! You're the next contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT!" - The robust invitation offered by announcer (Don Pardo, Jack Clark, Johnny Gilbert, Rich Fields, Ed Jordon, or Rod Roddy) to a special member of the studio audience chosen to participate as a contestant on the game show THE PRICE IS RIGHT and THE NEW PRICE IS RIGHT that ran on NBC 1956-63, ABC 1963-65; in syndication from 1972-79, 1985-86 and on CBS 1972+.

Lucky Member of the studio audience called to 'Come On Down!' - THE PRICE IS RIGHT
Member of Audience "Comes on down!"

The program chose four members from the studio audience and let them bid on the prices of merchandise. Those coming closest without going over the retail price won and got to play more pricing games and to win more prizes. 

Rod Roddy, Barker's sidekick for 17 years died of cancer on October 28, 2003. Bob Barker, the perennial host of the popular daytime game show, retired in 2007.

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