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Physically Impaired

THE RACING GAME/YTV/1979 (Injured Hand)
*(Mike Gwilym) Sid Halley, a champion jockey destroys his left hand in an accident and discovers a new career as a detective specializing in the world of English horse racing. He struggles to learn a new career, helped by a friend and martial-arts expert, Pancho Burns.

SABER OF LONDON/NBC/1957-60 (Injured Arm)
*(Donald Gray, a.k.a. "Eldred Tidbury") Mark Saber, a one-armed former chief Inspector of Scotland Yard turned private detective. The original Mark Saber (Tom Conway), a dapper police detective with a British accent, worked for a large American city homicide squad on MARK SABER/ABC/1951-54. When the character was resurrected, on a series variously called THE VISE, SABER OF LONDON and DETECTIVE'S DIARY run on ABC & NBC from 1955-60, our English copper was suddenly transformed into a one-armed private detective based in London who chased crooks throughout the streets of Europe. Donald Gray (who died in 1978) lost his left arm during the invasion of Normandy. He was proficient in Judo and reportedly once caused a riot in a BBC studio when he blew a kiss to his female fans.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE/NBC/1975+ (Born Without a Spine)
** Mr. Loopner, the father of Lisa Loopner (Gilda Radner) as mentioned in the "Nerds" sketches seen on the program in the 1970s. On the sketch "Nerds Go to the Prom" (aired May 20, 1978) Marshall DiLaBounta (Buck Henry), the father of Lisa Loopner's boyfriend Todd (Bill Murray) is talking with Lisa's mother Ined (Jane Curtain) as the two kids get ready to go to the prom. While chit-chatting in the Loopner's living room Marshall asked about Ined's dead husband. An excerpt from the dialogue follows:
Ined: You know Marshall, as a single mother I've had to be both mother and father to Lisa.
Todd: And you've done a terrific job, Mrs. Loopner.
Marshall: Uhh...Ined, I hope this isn't indelicate [picks his nose] but, how did Mr. Loopner pass away?
Ined: He was born without a spine. It was always just a matter of time.
Marshall: And, and what exactly did he do for a living?
Ined: Oh, didn't you know? He invented the slinky.
Lisa: Yeah, unfortunately he didn't call it the slinky and he didn't patent it. But he sued the slinky people for 5 million dollars, and he lost.

THE SIMPSONS/FOX/1989+ (Brass Knee & Steel Hip)
**(Cartoon character) Grandpa Abe Simpson (voice of Dan Castellaneta), the father of nuclear power plant worker Homer Simpson. Abe now lives at the Springfield Retirement Home. On episode "Natural Born Kissers" Abe's grandchildren Bart and Lisa borrow his metal detector. Bart turns on the detector and points it at Abe's body. It detects a brass knee and a steel hip ("That one's new to me!" says Abe).

SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN/ABC/1974-78 (Injured Arm, Legs, Eye)
*(Lee Majors) Colonel Steve Austin, USA Astronaut badly injured in the crash of an experimental moon-landing craft in the California desert. His shattered body was reconstructed with bionic parts which included a powerful right arm, two mechanical legs which enabled him to run faster than a car and a left eye which transcended normal vision. The price of his operation-six million dollars. Steve used his new found powers by working as a spy for the OSI (Office of Scientific Information). See also "The Bionic Woman"

SON OF THE BEACH/FX/2000-2001 (Crippled)
**(Robert Steven Ryan) Professor Milosevic, an evil wheelchair bound ex-lifeguard who was injured in a terrible boating accident involving his friend Notch "Ride the Big One" Johnson and a lot of sun-screen. The Professor was introduced on episode No. 6 "Fanny and the Professor" when the Professor seeks revenge on Notch by getting him fired and replaced by a bevy of female robot lifeguards. The Professor has since become a recurring character on the show. He communicates through a keyboard and voice-box mounted on the front of his wheel chair (an apparent spoof of brilliant but wheelchair-bound physicist Stephen J. Hawkins). On episode No. 27 "Area 69" muscle-bound German lifeguard Chip Rommel (Roland Kickinger) and Professor Milosevic enter a local talent contest and are signed by a TV network executive to star in an 'Odd Couple' type situation comedy. This particular episode is outrageous in that Chip in his TV role continually abuses the Professor by stuffing things into his mouth, pouring things on his head or banging the professor's head with a board as he keeps moving about the room (among other extremely slapstick by abusive stunts).

SOPRANOS/HBO/1999-2007 (Missing one Leg)
**(Alla Kliouka Schaffer) Svetlana Kirilenko, Livia Soprano's one-legged Russian nurse. Before Livia died, she bequeathed her record collection to Svetlana. At the funeral, Livia's daughter, Janice Soprano (called "a cow") insisted the records were hers. Svetlana disagreed, so in retribution, Janice stole Svetlana's prosthetic leg while she slept. Angry, Svetlana asked two friends in the Russian mob to break Janice's ribs. Even with her prosthetic leg, Svetlana walked awkwardly. She also smoked too much.

SPECIAL UNIT 2/UPN/2001-02 (Missing Hand)
**(Richard Gant) Captain Richard Page, a no-nonsense black veteran cop with a missing hand who leads a secret division of the Chicago Police Department known as Special Unit 2. The Captain's prosthetic hand was once stolen by Carl the Gnome, who later came to work for SU2.

STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69 (Injured hand)
**(James Doohan) James Doohan played Montgomery 'Scotty" Scott, chief engineer on the starship USS Enterprise. At age 19, James Doohan joined the Canadian army just as World War II was breaking out. While wading ashore on D-Day, artillery officer Lt. Doohan lost the middle finger of his right hand to machine-gun fire. Five weeks later he volunteered as pilot for reconnaissance duty where he earned the moniker "The Craziest Pilot in the Canadian Air Force."

STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE/SYN/1993-99 (Amputated Leg)
**(Aron Eisenberg) Nog, a Ferengi officer stationed onboard the space station Deep Space Nine. During the 1998 season, Nog was injured in battle and his leg was amputated. After some brooding over the lose of his limb, he returned to active duty wearing an artificial replacement.

TATE/NBC/1960 (Injured Arm)
*(David McLean) Tate, a one-armed gunfighter who roamed the American frontier of the 1870s. Tate was a casualty of the Civil War (The Battle of Vicksburg in May 1863). He lost the use of his left arm when an explosion shattered it. Finding it difficult to obtain work, Tate became a drifter/gunfighter. His left arm was encased in a sheath of black leather stitched up with rawhide lacing that ran from his fingers to his elbow. His right gun arm was lightning swift and could "shoot five times without reloading."

T. J. HOOKER/ABC/CBS/1982-87 (Crippled)
**(Hugh Farrington) Pete O'Brien, tough, cigar-chewing police detective who was confined to a wheelchair. In reality, Hugh Farrington was injured in an airplane accident in the 1960s when as a passenger in his friend's plane, they hit an electric high wire and crashed. He lay in a coma for three months (his spinal column was damaged). An ex-Navy pilot, Farrington still flew regularly in his Piper Saratoga, a specially hand-controlled airplane kept at Gillespie Field in San Diego.

THREE STOOGES FILMS (Crippled Foot & Disabled Hand)
*(Jerome “Babe” Howard) Curly, the bald-headed zany character who made up a third of the Three Stooges comedy act. Early in his life Curly was accidentally shot in the ankle. When the injury never quit healed properly, Curly walked with an exaggerated gate which he then utilized for comedy effect in his many film shorts. Larry Fine, another of the Stooges was also injured in childhood. Just as Larry was inadvertently going to drink from a bottle that contained acid, his father knocked the bottle from Larry’s hand which caused burning on his hands. Larry later took violin lessons as therapy designed to loosen up and stretch the injured arm. Larry incorporated the violin into his vaudeville act.

TWIN PEAKS/ABC/1990-91 (Injured Eye & Missing Arm)
**(Wendy Robie) Nadine Hurley, a red-haired woman with a black eye patch over her left eye who lived in the strange Northwest town of Twin Peaks. Nadine failed an attempt at suicide and later, losing touch with reality, began to believe she was back in high school. There was also a one-armed man named Phillip Michael "Mike" Gerard played by Al Strobel. See also NICKNAMES: "The Log Lady" 

VIPER/NBC/1994 (Crippled)
*(Dorian Harewood) Julian Wilkes, a brilliant black scientist confined to a wheelchair who designed Viper, a high-tech pursuit vehicle built to fight crime in the world of the near future.

WAR OF THE WORLDS/SYN/1988-90 (Crippled)
**(Philip Akin) Norton Drake, a black computer genius in a wheelchair who battled the menace of alien invaders from outer space. Drake nicknamed his voice activated wheelchair "Gertrude." Actor Philip Akin was not really crippled.

WISEGUY/CBS/1987-90 (Crippled)
**(Jim Byrnes) Daniel Benjamin Burroughs, (a.k.a. "Lifeguard"), a physically challenged employee of the FBI's Organized Crime Bureau, who was the phone contact for special agents working undercover with the Mob. Sitting in his wheelchair, Lifeguard (a.k.a. "Uncle Mike") assisted agents in the field by offering them emotional support and by transmitting vital information to and from superiors. In real life, Jim Brynes actually lost his legs in a car crash in 1972. He was pushing a stalled truck on a highway in Canada when he was hit from behind by a car. Nine months after the accident he was fitted with prostheses and relearned to walk. He once said, "I'm physically handicapped but I've gotten this job because I'm good at it (acting), not because I'm handicapped." See also - "The Highlander"

THE X-FILES/FOX/1993-2002 (Missing Arm & Color-Blind)
**(Nicholas Lea) Alex Krycek, Soviet double agent working with C. G. B. Spender, a.k.a. the Cigarette Man (William B. Davis), a mysterious operative under orders from a shadowy organization called The Syndicate. On the episode “Terma” Krycek lost his left arm escaping villagers who tried to help him from being a test subject at the Russian chain gang excavating rock from Tunguska, Russia. Krycek is responsible for terminating both William Mulder, the father of FBI agent Fox Mulder and Melissa Scully, the sister of FBI agent Dana Scully. Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) is red-green colored blind as revealed in episode “Wetwired.” Cigarette Man’s constant habit of smoking eventually gave him throat cancer. After his surgery, he still smoked by placing a cigarette at the hole in his throat.

YOUNG & THE RESTLESS/CBS/1973+ (Injured Leg)
**(Christopher "Chris" Templeton) Carol Robbins, a handicapped female with a cane who lived in the fictional town of Genoa City. Templeton (one of the first physically handicapped soap opera stars) was partially crippled due to a case of childhood polio. From 1983-1993 - walking with a post-polio limp - Chris portrayed a positive role model for the physically disabled. In 2001, Christopher Templeton starred in the Gold Pictures production "Ready, Willing and Able" as Samantha "Sam" Martin, a CIA special agent who is determined to continue her career after she is injured in the line of duty. Triumphing over her physical limitations, Sam proves that she is READY WILLING AND ABLE to eliminate a chemical weapons threat posed by global terrorists. Templeton's other movie roles included the role of Diane St. Clair in the TV movie Hostage for a Day (1994) and the role of Marian Burke in the TV Movie Columbo: Butterfly in Shades of Grey (1994). Christopher also made TV appearances on such TV shows as FRASIER, HILL STREET BLUES and JAKE & THE FATMAN. Templeton walks about with the aid of a cane and leg brace. See also - "Miss Susan"

ZOE, DUNCAN, JACK & JANE/WB/1999-2000 (Crippled)
**(Sara Rue) Breeny Kennedy, a wheelchair-bound teenager who lives in New York City. She is a terror on the dodge-ball court.

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