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Title: Garden Architecture Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Hosts: Haig Seferian, William Anderson,
          Meriel Bradley
Summary: "Garden Architecture" demonstrates the finest elements of garden architecture and how they figure in fabulous outdoor living spaces. From buildings to pathways, fences to decks, and patios to fountains, this series focuses on how to create practical designs by adapting these elements to your situation.
Web Links: Garden Architecture

Title: Garden Police Network: Discovery Home Channel
Year: 2005 Hosts: Shirley Bovshow, Michael Glassman
Summary: "Garden Police" features two landscape designers (Bosvshow, Glassman) who tackle gardens that would make the seasoned gardener wilt. Follow them as they hunt down people who have you committed a crime against their yard. Those who refuse the team's landscaping intervention will find themselves in garden jail.
Web Links: Garden Police;  Shirley's Website

Title: Garden Sense Network: Do It Yourself (DIY)
Year: N/A Host: Walter Reeves (and his gardening crew)
Summary: "Garden Sense" applies common sense to gardening with its no-nonsense look at the world of plants, shrubs, trees and other foliage. The show goes into featured backyards to solve problems and teach new techniques to create eye-opening garden landscapes 
Web Links: Garden Sense

Title: Gardener's Diary Network: ITV (Great Britain)
Year: 1993 Host: Judith Franklyn, John Ravenscroft
Summary: "Gardener's Diary" offers tips for growing things in the garden.
Web Links: Gardener's Diary

Title: Gardener's Diary Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Erica Glasener
Summary: "Gardener's Diary" takes viewers on the road in search of inspiring gardeners, from professionals to long-time hobbyists. Each episode takes an in-depth look at one garden and the intriguing individual who created it. The gardeners tell what they put into their gardens, and, more importantly, what they get out of them.
Web Links: Gardener's Diary

Title: Gardener's Journal Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Kathy Renwald
Summary: "Gardener's Journal" takes you behind the scenes to find out how a wonderful garden grew to be so beautiful. In this half-hour program, gardeners explain their gardening secrets and show off their garden design styles.
Web Links: Gardener's Journal

Title: Gardening Australia Network: ABC (Australia)
Year: N/A Host: N/A
Summary: "Gardening Australia" was the first in the trend of "infotainment" programs, with the emphasis always on information. The program is 80% practical and 20% pretty - with our expert gardeners coming out from behind their work tables, taking off the gloves and getting their hands dirty. Gardeners, no matter how experienced, want information and inspiration. The presenters each come with their own specialty, so that there is an important blend of information whether the viewer is in the tropics, the city or the highlands.
Web Links: Gardening Australia

Title: Gardening by the Yard Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2004 Host: Paul James
Summary: "Gardening by the Yard" is designed for people who want their yards to look great but don't have a lot of time to spend on them. The series  gives down-to-earth advice about gardening basics such as soil, watering and trees, and he troubleshoots such common gardening difficulties as poor light and pests. The show is filled with light-hearted (corny?) jokes and one-liners.
Web Links: Gardening by the Yard

Title: Generation Renovation Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Gaard Swanson
Summary: "Generation Renovation" spotlights home enthusiasts who put in the hard work to bring new life to unique old homes. Watch energetic homeowners put their heart and soul into great places-and cool spaces-they now call home.
Web Links: Generation Renovation

Title: Get Color! Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Jane Lockhart
Summary: "Get Color!" features interior designer Jane Lockhart tackling color-challenged rooms, one space at a time. With a long history in color theory and design, Lockhart finds clients who have been living in the wrong colors and shows them the way to a more beautiful, custom-made color design. Once her clients have chosen their new colors, Lockhart and her team create an entirely new space that captures the true personality of her clients. Full of great makeover ideas and bold, beautiful color concepts, Get Color! offers a unique look at the exciting world of color in design. 
Web Links: Get Color!

Title: Going Home Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: N/A
Summary:  "Going Home" portrays the delight and sentiment of returning to one's hometown, whether for marriage, reunion, anniversary or other gathering. This half-hour weekly series follows travelers who go back home for a specific reason and allows viewers a glimpse into the participants' former home, neighborhood, past life and friendships.
Web Links: Going Home

Title: Great American Gardens Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Tricia Springer
Summary: "Great American Gardens"  tours America's loveliest public gardens, focusing on the highlights of three gardens in each episode. See spectacular flowers and stunning fountains, and learn how the gardens came to be. This new series focuses primarily on mid-sized and large botanic gardens across America. Interviews with gardeners, botanists and historians help reveal the story these gardens have to tell.
Web Links: Great American Gardens

Title: Great Indoors Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host:  Jan Goldsmith
Summary: "Great Indoors" shows viewers how to grow healthy, vigorous plants year-round in their homes and apartments-and reap the emotional and aesthetic rewards. The Great Indoors covers ordinary and exotic houseplants, and brings lessons to life by showcasing successful indoor gardeners and demonstrating successful gardening techniques. The series host, Jan Goldsmith, is a master gardener from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
Web Links: Great Indoors

Title: Ground Breakers Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 1997 Host: Joe Washington.
Summary: "Ground Breakers" follows the spectacular transformation of ordinary yards into magnificent outdoor living spaces. Shot documentary-style, each episode is a guided tour of a landscaping project that can take four to six months to complete.
Web Links: Ground Breakers

Title: Ground Force Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 1998 Hosts: Charlie Dimmock, Alan Titchmarsh,
          and Tommy Walsh
Summary: "Ground Force" features a top landscaper, water plants expert and gardener who wait for the victim to depart (for two days) before moving in to secretly begin their gardening to transform the unsuspecting persons yard into a wonderland. This series first aired In Britain.
Web Links: Ground Force

Title: Ground Rules! Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2003 Host: Steve Truitt
Summary: "Ground Rules" challenges homeowners, most of whom have very little landscaping experience, to make over their own front or back yard-but with the added drama of pitting them against a neighbor for friendly bragging rights. With shovels in hand and weeds underfoot, it's up to the competing neighbors and their respective teams to design and install their new landscaping, under their own power and within a specific length of time. The homeowners work under the guidance of a landscape designer who offers invaluable advice and motivation but never picks up a shovel to help them. We'll watch as the homeowners create new landscapes in their yards.
Web Links: Ground Rules!

Title: Grounds for Improvement Network: Do It Yourself (DIY)
Year: 2005 Host: Jackie Taylor, Dean Hill
Summary: "Grounds for Improvement" is designed to help homeowners problem-solve and complete do-it-yourself landscaping projects. Each episode begins with a homeowner's personal "yard story." With a plan by landscape designer Dean Hill and hard labor from the homeowner's friends and family, problems are weeded out to reveal landscaping you'll long for. They demonstrate such things as how to lay sod, install water features, plant shrubs, trim trees, build arbors, erect fences, fix fountains, repair lawn ponds, create pathways and more.
Web Links: Grounds for Improvement

Title: Grow It! Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Jeff Cox.
Summary: "Grow It!" showcases a spectacular seasonal garden so viewers may gather design ideas, tips and tricks that can be adapted to a variety of home gardens. Included are step-by-step instructions for gardening projects, answers to common gardening questions and ideas for plants that grow well in different areas of the country.
Web Links: Grow It!

Title: Guess Who's Coming to Decorate Network: Style Network
Year: 2003 Host: Tyler Harcott
Summary: "Guess Who's Coming to Decorate" is a makeover show unlike any other. Not only do we revamp rooms, we reunite past loves, family members and old friends in the process. How does it work? Each week, unsuspecting homeowners get kicked out of their pads while a mystery decorator goes hog wild sprucing it up. Meanwhile, the poor residents are left trying to figure out who's redecorating their place: Is it that charming old friend of the family...or Uncle Sol? They won't know until the new room is revealed and the mystery guest suddenly appears.
Web Links: Guess Who's Coming to Decorate?

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