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 Home Improvement Shows - At a Glance

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Title: Handyman Network: Syndicated
Year: 1955 Host: Norman Brokenshire
Summary: "Handyman" is a program for home-workshop/repair addicts.
Web Links: N/A

Title: Help Around the House Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Henry Harrison
Summary: "Help Around the House" visits homeowners and walks them through fix-up projects and repairs around their homes. Henry provides instruction and guidance while allowing the homeowners to do the work themselves. Each show features three home repair segments and ends with a visit to the hardware store or Henry's woodshop for a lesson on choosing, using and maintaining the proper tools for your projects.
Web Links: Help Around the House

Title: Holmes on Homes Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Mike Holmes
Summary: "Holmes on Homes" is the series for anyone who's been duped during a home renovation with construction and renovation expert Mike Holmes to the rescue. Each week, the host visits unlucky families who have been swindled or abandoned during their home improvement projects. The series  uncovers shoddy construction methods, improper techniques, and down right rip-offs. While we watch the host fixes the problems, as he explains how homeowners can safeguard themselves from these unscrupulous builders and dishonest contractors.
Web Links: Holmes on Homes; For more info Visit their Website

Title: Home Network: NBC
Year: 1954-1957 Host: Arlene Francis
Summary: "Home" is a "women's magazine of the air" program that featured segments on food, health, family.  Sydney Smith handled the home decorating segment; and Will Peiglebeck did gardening and home repair.
Web Links: N/A

Title: Home Again with Bob Vila Network: Syndicated
Year: 1990+ Host: Bob Vila
Summary: "Home Again" is a home remodeling and renovation program. Later retitled "Bob Vila's Home Again"

Note: Bob Vila practically invented the home improvement movement with the debut of his PBS series "This Old House" in 1979. He left the show in the spring of 1989 because he had endorsed various products that  were not sanctioned by PBS. Basically, Bob cashed in on his popularity and PBS gave him the boot. However, Bob is still here and a prominent figure in the DIY world. As of 2005, Bob is the commercial spokesperson for HOME123, a home mortgage service.

Web Links: Bob

Title: Home Front in the Garden Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 1998 Hosts: Kevin McCloud, Anne McKevitt,
          and Diarmuid Gavin.
Summary: "Home Front in the Garden" offers innovative home improvement makeovers, and decorating tips - this time in the outdoors. Settings include drab new construction, urban roof tops and even a mature garden in need of an update. Home Front in the Garden is a BBC production shot entirely in the U.K.
Web Links: Home Front in the Garden

Title: Home improvement Network: ABC
Year: 1990-1999 Host: Tim Allen as Tim Taylor
Summary: See - "Tool Time"
Web Links: N/A

Title: Home IQ Network: Do It Yourself (DIY)
Year: N/A Host: N/A
Summary: "Home IQ" covers every phase of building a custom home, from initial planning to the final move in. The series brings a homeowner, the builder and all the subcontractors together to explain financing, contracts, foundations, framing, flooring, roofing, lighting, appliances, heating and air-conditioning, landscaping, and closing. 
Web Links: Home IQ

Title: Home Matters Network: Discovery Channel
Year: 1993+ Hosts: Susan Powell, Chris McWatt
Summary: "Home Matters" is your source for everything you need to know to make your home matter. Hosted by Susan Powell (since 1993) and co-host Chris McWatt, who joined Home Matters in 1998 as a field correspondent, hosting the "Road Trip" segments.
Web Links: Home Matters

Title: Home Office Network: Do It Yourself Network (DIY)
Year: 1997 Host: Ron Vigil
Summary: "Home Office" shows how to create an environment that makes quick, effective work a reality. From the basic tools needed for an initial set-up to new upgrades for existing home offices, this five-part workshop offers something for everyone.
Web Links: Home Office

Title: Home Repair & Remodeling Network: Do It Yourself Network (DIY)
Year: N/A Host: Brad Staggs
Summary: "Home Repair & Remodeling" offers expert tips and projects to show viewers not only how to fix what's broken but also how to upgrade a home. The 65- episode series gives viewers step-by-step instructions on such projects as outdoor accent lighting, deck upgrades and maintenance, home safety, gas-range maintenance, icemaker installation and tips on used appliances.
Web Links: Home Repair & Remodeling

Title: Home Savvy Network: The Learning Channel (TLC)
Year: N/A Host: JoAnne "JoJo" Liebeler
Summary: "Home Savvy" presents home improvement information in a down-to-earth manner. Although casual in its approach, practical content and information are staples of this program.  
Web Links: Home Savvy  For more info Visit "JoJo's Website

Title: The Home Show Network: ABC
Year: 1988-1994 Hosts: Sandy Hill, Robb Weller, Gary Collins
Summary: "The Home Show" recycled NBC's "Home" show from the 1950s with segments on arts & crafts, home decorating, health and fitness.  The program had three hosts over time --Sandy Hill, Robb Weller, Gary Collins (Collins hosted a similar show called "Hour Magazine" syndicated from 1980-88.
Web Links: N/A

Title: Home to Go Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Peter Fallico
Summary: "Home to Go" is the show for those who don't want to leave behind great renovations when they move, making it all about portable, affordable, re-inventible home improvements using paint, fabric, wood, accessories and furniture already in the house. The show's host and a cast of designers offer help to those in need of solutions. The projects are practical,  like a trunk on wheels for a coffee table, banquette seating that hides storage, or daylight-saving fabric walls.
Web Links: Home to Go

Title: Home Transformations Network: Do It Yourself Network (DIY)
Year: N/A Host: Michael Ray Wisely
Summary: "Home Transformations" shows viewers how to make successful home transformations, from adding a family room, to converting an unused bedroom into a home office, to turning the garage into a gym. Home Transformations are home improvement projects designed to complement the changes life can bring.
Web Links: Home Transformations

Title: Homes Across America Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Joe Ruggiero, Suzanne Dunn 
Summary: "Homes Across America" celebrates fine homes across the United States, and the diversity of American home design. Each episode presents three homes in loving detail, focusing on the design elements that make the homes distinctive and also telling the story of their owners and designers.
Web Links: Homes Across America

Title: Hometime Network: PBS & The Learning Channel
Year: 1987- Host: Dean Johnson (& various cohosts)
Summary: "Hometime" is a weekly home renovation and repair show that debuted in 1987. The program was co-hosted by Dean Johnson and a female cohost who included JoAnne "JoJo" Liebeler (1987-1991), Susanne Egli ((1991-93), Robin Hartl (1993-2005). Dan Laabs aka "Lenny", Judd Nelson, Tom Weckwerth "Bucki" joined the crew in 2005. Chevy Trucks was the program's sponsor for years.

Note: The earlier format of the show implied that Dean Johnson and his female cohosts were somehow in a relationship because they were always seen together on the job, as well as sleeping over night at the job sights. Plus there was never any indication from the host that the female onsite was just a friend or in another relationship. There was a perception that he (Dean) was his cohost's partner - in more ways than one.  

Web Links: Hometime

Title: Hot Property Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2003 Host: Michael Merkin
Summary: "Hot Property" follow first-time buyers who will be shown three homes for sale. They'll pick their favorite and use their skill and judgment to guess the selling price. If their estimate is correct to within £500 either way then their house hunting problems will be over, as they'll win the property on offer!
Web Links: Hot Property

Title: Hour Magazine Network: Syndicated (SYN)
Year: 1980-1988 Host : Gary Collins, Pat Mitchell,
          and Bonnie Straus
Summary: "Hour Magazine" is an information series covering topics like home decorating, health, fitness and arts and crafts.
Web Links: N/A

Title: House & Home Network: HGTV (Canada)
Year: N/A Host: Lynda Reeves
Summary: "House & Home" is a fast paced series that teaches viewers how to create the look they want. The half-hour daily show offers fresh ideas and delivers tips and trends from North America's design experts. visits unique homes across Canada, showing viewers how they can use stylish techniques in their own home design plan, wherever they live.
Web Links: House & Home: Visit the Canadian Site

Title: HouseCalls with Ron Hazelton Network:
Year: Host:
Summary: See - "Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls"
Web Links:

Title: House Doctor: A to Z of  Design Network: Five (Great Britain)
Year: 2005 Host: Ann Maurice
Summary: House Doctor: A to Z of Design follows host Ann Maurice as she presents the compilation series that distilling her advice on staging your home for sale. Each wpisode hse tackle topics with a similar letter. The final episodes tackle the letters Y and Z and the topics and tips on yellow paint, yukky decor, zany ideas and zoning. Ann's other shows include the  House Doctor: Inside and Out; House Doctor: Designs for Living and House Doctor: Ann's Top Ten.
Web Links: House Doctor

Title: House Detective Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Hosts:  Tony Frassrand, John Daly
Summary:  "House Detective" explores the world of downspouts, crawlspaces and other home problem areas. Our cameras follow along as a certified home inspector takes a home owner, buyer or seller through an actual inspection. An informative segment called "Inspector's Notebook" gives viewers a chance to learn more about one particular problem that the inspector finds during each inspection.
Web Links: House Detective

Title: House Detectives Network: (Great Britain)
Year:  1999-2002 Host: Juliet Morris, Anna Bennett
         Dan Cruickshank, Carenza Lewis,
         and Judith Miller
Summary: "The House Detectives" series investigates the historical secrets of old houses.
Web Links: House Detectives

Title: House Hunters Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 1999 Host: Suzanne Whang.
Summary: "House Hunters" takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.
Web Links: House Hunters;

Title: House Invaders Network: BBC, HGTV
Year: 1998 Host: Linda Barker, Anna Ryder Richardson; CoHosts: Phil T., Phil B., and J.J. (the helpful handymen)
Summary: "House Invaders" features a different home each episode. A designer and a team of two carpenters "invade" the home of a lucky UK family and help them transform three rooms of their house, utilizing materials such as paint, fabric and wood, which they already have on hand. Aired on the BBC.
Web Links: House Invaders; Visit also Their BBC Webite

Title: Houselift Network: Discovery Channel
Year: N/A Host: Paul Hochman & Family
Summary: "Houselift" is a home remodeling show with a brand-new perspective - the homeowner's. Paul Hochman, the Today Show's gear expert, and his wife Tricia and their two children experience the fun, excitement, terror and tribulations every homeowner faces when they live through a major home construction project.
Web Links: Houselift

Title: How Clean Is Your House? Network: Channel 4 (UK), Lifetime Channel
Year: 2003-2004 Host: Kim Woodburn, Aggie Mackenzie
Summary: "How Clean Is Your House" follow the antics of two clean freaks (Kim and Aggie) from across the pond (England) as they visit homes and critique the hygiene level (Filth factor) of the residents. The show debuted in London on the Channel 4 Network. In 2004, the Lifetime Channel brought the show to America.
Web Links: How Clean Is Your House?

Title: How 2 Crew Network: The Learning Channel
Year: N/A Host: Paul Ryan, Amy Harris
Summary: The "How 2 Crew" is a half-hour show with a team of home repair experts who help salvage homeowners' botched projects.
Web Links: How 2 Crew

Title: How's That Work? Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Don Bleu
Summary: "How's That Work?" uncovers the entertaining origins of our favorite household items and how they actually work like a microwave, a hair dryer, a remote control, a dishwasher--simple, everyday conveniences that most of us take for granted.
Web Links: How's That Work?

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