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Title: Landscape Smart Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2000- Hosts:  Ken Bastida, Paul Ghiringhelli.
Summary: "Landscape Smart" focuses on a single landscaping project, usually completed by everyday homeowners with the help of landscaping professionals. Follow the step-by-step action to create beautiful outdoor living spaces in less time, with less effort and at lower cost. Tips and feedback from homeowners are also featured.
Web Links: Landscape Smart

Title: Landscape Solutions Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Rick Kaldrovics
Summary: "Landscape Solutions" covers topics like adding privacy and gardening in the shade, designers also show how to add color, texture and shape to the garden and yard. Host and designers provide the step-by-step, with small-scale designs that cover only a portion of the yard and not the entire yard.
Web Links: Landscape Solutions

Title: Landscaper's Challenge Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2002- Hosts: Mark Totty, Marianne Curan.
Summary: "Landscaper's Challenge" feature three professional landscapers as they face off and "take it outside" to find out whose plan will best meet the outdoor design challenge and win the homeowner's vote. The winner installs the plan, and cameras document the process and the owner's reaction.
Web Links: Landscapers' Challenge

Title: Location, Location Network: Nine Network (Australia)
Year: N/A Host: Deborah Hutton
Summary: "Location, Location" features advice and revelations from the world of real estate and your guide for more nail-biting auctions, sales of family homes and quests for somewhere special to live. The show design consultant and makeover magician, Peter Everett who changes rooms and transforms houses to ensure they sell quickly and for the best price.
Web Links: Location, Location

Title: Location, Location, Location Network: (New Zealand)
Year: 1999-2000 Host: Michael Boulgaris
Summary: "Location, Location, Location" is a real estate series from New Zealand. In 2001, The Channel 4 Network in association Discovery Home & Leisure distributed Location, Location, Location Revisited with hosts Kirstie Alsopp and Phil Spenser.
Web Links: Location, Location

Title: Love by Design Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2002 Hosts: Dee Taylor Hannah, Richard Yearwood
Summary: "Love by Design" selects one of three eligible bachelors, based entirely on the personal style reflected in their home decor. Watch as single woman work with a professional designer to redecorate her prospective date's apartment without ever meeting him. See his reaction for yourself as he greets his new love interest and tours his newly redesigned digs.
Web Links: Love by Design

Title: Love it or Lose it! Network: HGTV (Canada)
Year: 2004 Host: Tamara Taggart
Summary: "Love it or Lose it!" is an interior design show with attitude. Each week we introduce three, top-notch, highly-trained west coast interior designers. One will be selected to create a spectacular, larger-than-life makeover-a theatrical interpretation of a particular style, period or place, executed with passion, enthusiasm and with the highest quality materials, furnishings and accessories.  Homeowners are not told which designer has been selected. They are whisked away to a deluxe hotel for 72 hours to worry and fret, while our radical designer takes possession. A big budget makeover ensues with flooring, paint, furniture, window coverings and housewares lavished upon the space. Upon their return, homeowners have one ultimate decision: "Love it" and keep the new room, or "Lose it!" forcing our designer to tear down their masterpiece. It's an all-or-nothing gamble in the hope of receiving the room of their dreams. The design is always incredible but remember, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Would you risk it all on a chance for a free makeover?  
Web Links: Love It or Lose It!

Title: Lynette Jennings Design Network: Discovery Channel
Year: N/A Host: Lynette Jennings
Summary: "Lynette Jennings Design" features one of North America's best-loved and most trusted authorities on home decorating and design. Prior to this series, Lynette Jennings launched the TV shows: Lynette Jennings Homeworks and Lynette Jennings Home. In 1994, she created and produced the Lynette Jennings HouseSmart series in partnership with Home Depot.
Web Links: Lynette Jennings Design

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