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Title: Make Your Move Network: Discovery Home Channel
Year: 2005 Host: N/A
Summary: "Make Your Move" puts viewers inside the moving van to witness the challenges, frustration and ultimate excitement of making a new start in a new home. Along the way, viewers see the organizational issues and intimate moments as families leave one home and begin a new chapter of their lives in another
Web Links: Food Network  For more info visit HGTV Canadian Site

Title: Manic Organic Network: HGTV (Canada)
Year: 2003 Host: Antony John
Summary: The "Manic Organic" is an entertaining and visually rich gardening and cuisine series that tells the story of organic produce as it makes its journey from farm field to dinner table.
Each episode follows a main vegetable and two side vegetables through the life cycle from planting out as seeds to nurturing in the garden without pesticides and finally harvesting and cooking.
Web Links: Food Network  For more info visit HGTV Canadian Site

Title: Mark Cullen Gardening Network: HGTV (Canada)
Year: Host: Mark Cullen
Summary:  "Mark Cullen Gardening" is in its fourth television season on HGTV Canada. The series take viewers on an informative and beautiful voyage through some of the most inspiring gardens of Canada. The series offers practical, step by step garden design and maintenance advice. In addition, each show features intimate walkabouts with private gardeners in their own gardens and breathtaking tours through some of Canada's top public gardens.
Web Links: Mark Cullen Gardening

Title: Martha Stewart Living Network: Style Network
Year: 1991-2004 Host: Martha Stewart
Summary:  "Martha Stewart Living" is the vehicle of Martha Stewart, the "Queen of How-To" as she showcased such activities as cooking, flower arranging, gardening and other assorted arts and crafts projects for the home. Martha's catchphrase is "It's a good thing".
Web Links: Martha Stewart Website

Title: Me, My House & I Network: W Network (Canada)
Year: 2003+ Host: Brigette Gail
Summary: "Me, My House & I"  follows the trials and tribulations of stand-up comedian and actor, Brigitte Gall, as she renovates a century old home. Brigitte entertains and informs as she takes the viewer through the crazy world of home renovation. The series was nominated for a 2004 Gemini Award in the Practical Information Series category.
Web Links: Me, My House & I

Title: Men in Tool Belts Network: PBS
Year: 1997 Hosts: Ed Feldman, Joe L'Erario.
Summary: "Men in Tool Belts" (1997) follows two goofy but talented Philadelphia furniture restorers as they pick up tool belts to get involved in home renovation projects. See also "Furniture to Go" and "Furniture on the Mend" 
Web Links: Men in Tool Belts

Title: Mission: Organization Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2002 Hosts: Gail O'Neill, Al Ducharme.
Summary: "Mission: Organization" brings order to chaos by redesigning living spaces one room at a time. Learn how you can organize your home and resolve your clutter problem from kitchen catastrophes to bedroom bedlam.
Web Links: Mission: Organization

Title: Modern Masters Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: N/A
Summary: "Modern Masters" takes viewers to workshops around the country to observe master craftsmen and women demonstrating their trades, whether blacksmith or plaster caster, mural artist or potter. As the featured artisans bring stone, metal, glass and wood to life, they share their methods and their enjoyment of the results. Viewers gain insight, inspiration and confidence from watching the pros at work.
Web Links: Modern Masters

Title: Monster House Network: Discovery Channel
Year: 2003 Host: Steve Watson
Summary: "Monster House" moves a family into an  RV for a week as they watch a bunch of strangers with chain saws and demolition equipment tear apart everything they know and didn't love. That a typical moment in this wild show. So. tired of that same old living room? Well, you could slap a little paint on the walls, maybe or you could call Monster House.
Web Links: Monster House

Title: Move This House Network: A&E Channel
Year: 2005 Hosts: N/A
Summary: "Move This House" (Coming Soon)
Web Links:

Title: Moving Up Network: The Learning Channel (TLC)
Year: 2005 Hosts: Doug Wilson (from Trading Places)
Summary: "Moving Up" ( guides three sets of families through the process of a major move. The 15-part series follows a chain of new homeowners who move into one another's homes and begin the design and renovation process that occurs during the first six months of adjusting to their new digs. 
Web Links: Moving Up

Title: Mucking In Network: TV One (New Zealand)
Year: 2001 Hosts: Jim Mora, Mike Mansvelt.
Summary: "Mucking In" follow civic-minded New Zealanders who are rewarded for their kindness and dedication to their local communities by way of a garden makeover. The people and businesses of the local community, contribute labor and products to renovate the recipient's garden. (Touchdown Production )
Web Links: Mucking In

Title: My First Place Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2005 Host:  Jill Cordes
Summary: "My First Place" captures the emotions and designing challenges of moving into your first home. The new residents, whether they are a couple, a family or an individual, get valuable assistance from an ensemble team of design experts who come up with creative solutions to practical problems for house-poor, first-time homeowners.
Web Links: My First Place

Title: My Parents House Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Hosts: Andrika Lawren, Emmanuel Belliveau.
Summary: "My Parents House" follow adult siblings return to their family home to do something they have been dying to do for years.redecorate and redesign at least one room in their parents' house and, more importantly, bring their parents into the 21st century! Time for that shag carpet in the dining room to go!
Web Links: My Parents House

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