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Title: The Painted Room Network: Do It Yourself (DIY)
Year: N/A Host: Gilda Riccardi
Summary: "The Painted Room" shows how to brighten up a room with a fresh coat of paint by using creative and fun paint techniques. Glazing, sponge-painting, stippling and faux finishes are just a few examples of the creative painting techniques illustrated in this five-part DIY workshop that provides information about selecting and using the proper brushes and tools, ideas for color combinations, designs and step-by-step instructions on how to apply these various paint techniques to walls and furniture.
Web Links: The Painted Room

Title: Passport to Design Network: Travel Channel
Year: 2003 Host:     JoAnne "Jojo" Liebeler;
CoHost: Nan Sloan
Summary: "Passport to Design" shows viewers how to make over spaces in their homes using cultural and international themes. The show blends practical construction and design tips with cultural enrichment for a one-of-a-kind program.
Web Links: Passport to Design; For more info Visit JoJo's Website

Title: Paul James' Home Grown Cooking Network: Do It Yourself (DIY)
Year: N/A Host: Paul James, master gardener
Summary: "Paul James' Home Grown Cooking" shows you how to bring the garden to the kitchen table! Each episode includes segments on growing and cooking produce from the garden, as well as information about finding and choosing fresh supermarket produce. James also includes a dash of historical and nutritional information about the food he makes.
Web Links: Paul James' Home Grown Cooking; See also "Gardening By The Yard"

Title: People, Places & Plants Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Roger Swain, Paul Tukey
Summary: "People, Places & Plants" is a new weekly gardening program based on America's favorite regional gardening magazine, People, Places & Plants. His co-host, Paul Tukey, is editor of the magazine. Each episode features three distinct segments of people, places and plants.
Web Links: People, Places & Plants

Title: Picture This Network: Discovery Channel
Year: 2004 Host: Michelle K
Summary: "Picture This" takes two friends, neighbors or family members and has them swap tear sheets, clippings and samples. to create a beautifully decorated room of their dream.
Web Links: Picture This

Title: Property Ladder Network: The Learning Channel (TLC)
Year: 2005 Host: Kirsten Kemp, a veteran "flipper."
Summary: "Property Ladder" follows the process of do-it-yourselfer-real estate developers as they rehab a new property and then sell it for what they hope will be a handsome profit. The Property Ladder flippers will tackle homes large and small, some with minor cosmetic and design flaws others in need of major renovation. According to Kirsten Kemp, the host of Property Ladder, "The cardinal rule of flipping is, do not get emotionally involved." See also "Flip That House"
Web Links: Property Ladder

Title: Public Spaces, Private Places Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2002 Hosts: Lisa Canning, Gail O'Neill
Summary: "Public Spaces, Private Places" gives you an insider's look at the most talked about design ideas in the country. We'll visit public places such as museums, restaurants, public gardens, even railroad stations. We'll talk with designers like Karim Rashid, Celeste Cooper and Michael Graves and learn how they tackled the difficult job of making the public space they designed memorable and functional. Public Places, Private Spaces will then visit a private home created by the same designer and see how his or her style translates to a personal living space.
Web Links: Public Spaces, Private Places

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