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Title: Rally Round the House Network: Discovery Channel
Year:  N/A Host:       Pamela Berstler;
CoHost:  William Moss, Norma Vally
Summary: "Rally Round the House" brings neighbors together with construction and landscape experts to transform the exterior of the most deserving home on the block. Homeowners receiving the makeover agree to stay indoors for 36 hours, during which they are forbidden to peek outside until the hosts and helpers have completed the transformation to their home and garden. The series crew members include: Host: Pamela Berstler, designer; CoHosts: William Moss, landscape expert; and Norma Vally, construction expert.
Web Links: Rally Round the House

Title: Real Renos Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Jim Caruk
Summary: "Real Renos" shows the renovating process as it really happens. It’s a verité show that follows the drama of master contractor Jim Caruk’s real life renovations. We’ll watch Jim and his foreman Neil struggle to avoid the pitfalls, remain on schedule, and try to keep everyone happy: the homeowners, the trades, the architects, and the designers. It’s quite often a very bumpy ride, but the end results are always spectacular.
Web Links: Real Renos

Title: Rebecca's Garden Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Rebecca Kolls
Summary:  "Rebecca's Garden" follow the tips and informative how-to segments provided in this popular syndicated program, now a welcome addition to the HGTV lineup. Master gardener Rebecca Kolls packs each show with everything from recipes and instructional projects to tours of standout gardens all over the world. Her motto: "Get those hands dirty!"
Web Links: Rebecca's Garden

Title: Recreating Eden Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: N/A
Summary: "Recreating Eden"  this documentary series demonstrates the role that gardens play in the lives of people and communities. Traveling across nine countries, each 30 minute episode features a gardener who takes the viewer on a tour of his or her garden as well as on an intimate voyage through their personal life, the lives of their family, their ancestors, and their culture.
Web Links: Recreating Eden

Title: reDesign Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host:  Kenneth Brown
Summary:  "reDesign" showcases dream rooms and host Kenneth Brown--an acclaimed designer who's "a dream to work with." That's reDesign. Once a frequent guest on HGTV, Kenneth is known to viewers for his inventive yet impeccably tasteful take on design. The result is virtually no-holds barred interior design. Redos that morph into stunning breakthroughs on every episode.
Web Links: reDesign

Title: Renovate My Family Network: FOX
Year: 2004 Host: Jay Mcgraw
Summary: "Renovate My Family" is perhaps the most extreme makeover show of all. How often do you see a self improvement and home improvement show wrapped into one? Whether the families' house is falling apart or their home life is crumbling around them, Jay McGraw, son of the famed Dr. Phil, is there with his team of makeover experts to renovate, restore and redecorate the house, each individual's life, and even the family pet.
Web Links: Renovate My Family

Title: Renovation Rescue Network: Nine Network (Australia)
Year: N/A Host: Rebecca Harris, Scott Cam,
         and Peter Everett.
Summary: "Renovation Rescue" follows members of Nine's lifestyle family as they descend on a residence and work their renovation magic, while owners are pampered and rejuvenated at a dream destination.
Web Links: Renovation Rescue

Title: Renovations Network:  Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2000 Host: Bart Shadlow
Summary: "Renovations is a home improvement series.
Web Links: Renovations

Title: A Repair to Remember Network: Women's Television Network
Year: 1999-2000 Host: Mag Ruffman
Summary: "A Repair to Remember" stars Mag Ruffman, an accomplished Canadian actress and licensed contractor who hosted this popular home improvement show for three seasons. The fun thing about each show is that all of Mag's mistakes are left in the show (78 episodes). See also "Anything I Can Do"
Web Links: Toolgirl or Home Envy

Title: Restoration Realities Network: Do It Yourself (DIY)
Year: N/A Host: Bill Click, Chris Babcock
Summary: "Restoration Realities" takes the hesitation out of restoration. In these half-hour episodes, we travel across the country in search of restoration-minded homeowners with great older homes. Our team offers the help, encouragement and knowledge to tackle projects such as restoring a wooden baluster on a staircase, tearing out a wall to reveal a hidden fireplace, and repairing damaged ornamental plaster in an Italianate home.
Web Links: Restoration Realities

Title: Restore America Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Bob Vila, Bill Gross, Jeff Wilson.
Summary: "Restore America" visits cities in each of the 50 states to showcase "grass roots," individual and neighborhood restorations. Follow this inspiring journey through beautifully restored homes, buildings, communities and gardens in the United States.
Web Links: Restore America

Title: ReZONED Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2005 Host:: Tony Frassrand
Summary: "reZONED" turns the typical house tour on its ear. Meet gutsy visionaries who found beauty in dilapidated commercial spaces, rezoning them into imaginative, amazing, one-of-a-kind homes. A former ferry is now bay-front property. A train depot waiting room is now a kitchen. A renovated church now holds a dining table and benches built from its original wood pews. With imagination, tenacity, and a few bucks, people have transformed the most unlikely public places into personal palaces.
Web Links: ReZONED

Title: Rock Solid Network: Do It Yourself (DIY)
Year: N/A Host: Derek Stearns, Dean Marsico
Summary: "Rock Solid" takes do-it-yourself enthusiasts through the process of building high-quality, highly attractive projects with solid building materials. Each week the show tackles stone and masonry projects that range from building a stone fire pit for the backyard to turning a boring fireplace into a marble-looking masterpiece.
Web Links: Rock Solid

Title: Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls Network: Syndicated
Year: N/A Host: Ron Hazelton
Summary: "Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls" is a home improvement television series that takes you on the road and across the country. Host, Ron Hazelton, travels from Maine to California with his motor home and mobile workshop stopping at homes along the way and helping folks with all sorts of projects. You'll meet the families, share Ron's on-the-road adventures and learn step-by-step how to accomplish the kind of improvements that will make your home more comfortable, enjoyable and attractive.
Web Links: Ron Hazelton's House Calls; See also Ron's ABC Webpage

Title: Room by Room Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Shari Hiller, Matt Fox
Summary: "Room by Room" is sure to please people who want great decorating ideas that don't cost a fortune. Room by Room showcases creative, practical solutions for everyday decoration challenges. The series presents features step-by-step techniques and makeovers for every room in the house.
Web Links: Room by Room

Title: Room for Change Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: JoAnne "JoJo" Liebeler, Robin Wolfram
Summary: "Room for Change" featured interior design makeovers and home improvement.  Each week, through time-lapse photography and close-ups, see step-by-step room makeovers. Using the latest in computer-aided design technology, find out how to balance room design and change color and pattern selections to achieve just the right look. Produced by 2x4 Productions, the series crew members include Hosts: JoAnne "Jojo" Liebeler; Robin Wolfram; Guest Designers: Nancy Golden, Nan Sloan.
Web Links: Room for Change; For more info  see "Jojo's" Website;

Title: Room Service Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Sarah Richardson
Summary: "Room Service" asks the question "Do you have a room in the house you keep closed to the public?" Then, transform it into a place to explore your passions with a little help from Room Service. In each episode, the series host unveils an interior design journey, from first inspiration to final transformation. She searches for the perfect furnishings and accessories, creates innovative solutions to design problems and shows how to make those design dreams come true.
Web Links: Room Service

Title: Room to Grow Network: Discovery Channel
Year: N/A Hosts:  Carson Arthur, Amanda Eaton.
Summary: "Room to Grow" comes together with neighbors to transform the exterior of the most deserving home on a block -- turn good gardens into fabulous backyards. As for the lucky homeowners, they agree to get locked-up for 36 hours while the makeover takes place. With taped-over windows and a survival kit of games and goodies, an anxious family must wait out the work. Then they're finally led out (blindfolded, of course) to see an incredible surprise! 
Web Links: Room to Grow

Title: Room to Improve Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Pat Simpson
Summary: "Room to Improve" tackles real-life home repairs and renovations on-site at a real home. Pat Simpson and his guest experts go room to room demonstrating and completing home improvement projects over a number of episodes. A new floor replaces a badly damaged one, worn bi-fold doors are removed and replaced, marred surfaces are fixed and kitchen cabinets are given a new face-lift. Homes will run the gamut from a 1920s bungalow that needs some updating, to a 1990s condo that needs some upgrades.
Web Links: Room to Improve

Title: Rooms That Rock Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Sara Lynn Cauchon, Andrew Pike,
         and Cheryl Torrenueva,
Summary: "Rooms That Rock" is a fun new action-packed home décor show that puts the kids in the designer’s seat for creating fantastic makeovers of family spaces. Each show begins when our young, energetic host, Sara Cauchon, drops in on our unsuspecting family with a surprise visit. After getting over the initial shock that they have been chosen for a RTR makeover, the resident teen (or tween) gives a tour of the room most in need of the makeover.
Web Links: Rooms That Rock

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