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Title: Seasoned Gardener Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host:  Chris Dawson
Summary: "Seasoned Gardener" features gardening issues, with each episode focused on the time of the year when that episode airs. Working out of his own garden, the show's host also visits other homes, providing information for all zones and all areas: rural, suburban and urban. The content also appeals to gardeners of all experience levels, from "seasoned" gardeners to those who are just starting out, as well as to those with any size garden, from a large yard to a window box or balcony.
Web Links: Seasoned Gardener

Title: Sell This House Network: A&E Television
Year: 2003 Hosts: Tanya Memme, Roger Hazzard
Summary: "Sell This House" gets inside the mind of the buyer and the heart of the seller with real life experiences and great advice on how to prepare your house for the market. Each week features homeowners desperate to sell and prospective buyers secretly videotaped as they express their observations upon first seeing the house. Enter a real estate and home decoration expert who recommends changes. In the end, the house is transformed (on a budget) and the buyers are brought back. Will the house sell? For how much? To whom? You'll learn the answers as participants experience the ups and downs of SELL THIS HOUSET.
Web Links: Sell This House

Title: Sensible Chic Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 1998 Hosts: Susan Blake, Brooke Channon
Summary: "Sensible Chic" features a high-end designer-room decor to be re-created in an affordable way. A decorating expert analyzes the design principles used in the expensive original, then shows viewers how to apply those principles to bring about a satisfying, less expensive version that is "sensibly chic." It's all done through careful planning, smart shopping and clever hands-on projects.
Web Links: Sensible Chic

Title: She House Cinema Network: WE Network
Year: 2003 Host: Jennifer Clutter, Aimee Cook
Summary: "She House Cinema" is a home design show aired on the Women's Entertainment Network. Two up and coming interior designers compete to decorate the ultimate female-friendly house. The designer whose room design concepts and verbal pitches receive the most votes from passersby on the street wins the right to design that room. She who wins the most room designs in the house wins the contest and $10,000. The house is then given to a lucky WE Channel viewer.
Web Links: She House Cinema

Title: Simply Smashing Network: Discovery Channel
Year: N/A Host: Meriel Bradley
Summary: "Simply Smashing" is a very diverse and traveling "how to" show where we learn gardening, craft, design, construction, renovation, painting, and a host of other tips for changing our home and work space to live a happier and more creative lifestyle.
Web Links: Simply Smashing

Title: 60 Minute Makeover Network: ITV (Great Britain)
Year: 2004 Host: Claire, Sweeney, Derek Taylor
Summary: "60 Minute Makeover" follow the series hosts as they manage a large team of painters, decorators and other workmen who invade, by invitation, a home and spend the next sixty minutes making changes to all the rooms to drag the home into the 21st century. The series aired in the UK.
Web Links: 60 Minute Makeover

Title: Small Space, Big Style Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 2005 Host: Martin Amado
Summary: "Small Space, Big Style" features incredibly stylish homes, all measuring in at under 1000 square feet. Meet the creative homeowners who have made the most out of the limited space that they have, and learn the tricks to make any small space seem bigger.
Web Links: Small Space, Big Style

Title: Smart Design Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Mary Monfort
Summary: "Smart Design" share ideas and useful tips and clever solutions for problems in and around your home. that are always practical and innovative, as well as cost-effective and environmentally safe.
Web Links: Smart Design

Title: Smart Solutions Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Maty Montfort
Summary: "Smart Solutions" is packed with useful tips and clever solutions for problems in and around your home. The series host and her invited guest experts share ideas that are always practical and innovative, as well as cost-effective and environmentally-safe.
Web Links: Smart Solutions

Title: Solar Solutions Network: Do It Yourself (DIY)
Year: N/A Host: N/A
Summary: "Solar Solutions" features the latest in practical solar devices and energy saving ideas, you'll want to consider adding solar-energy options to your own home. Based on material presented at the Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon, a collegiate competition requiring students to design, build and operate comfortable and efficient solar-powered homes, the five-part workshop includes information and illustrations on how to install and operate a variety of solar-energy devices. Among the projects are solar-power generation, solar water heaters, solar heating-and-cooling options, and many other active and passive solar adaptations.
Web Links: Solar Solution

Title: Space for Living Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: N/A
Summary: "Space for Living" travels the world highlighting the best of family friendly spaces and practical makeover solutions. This series is produced by an IKEA-formed production company.
Web Links: Space for Living

Title: Sue Warden Creative Decor Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: N/A Host: Sue Warden
Summary: "Creative Decor" is based on Sue Warden's best-selling book, "Creative Décor", The series shares creative project ideas that will add charm to any home.
Web Links: Sue Warden Creative Decor

Title: Surprise by Design Network: Discovery Channel
Year: 2002 Host:  Rebecca Cole, Robert Verdi,
         and Peter Gurski.
Summary: "Surprise by Design" takes a few willing friends, family members, a $2,500 budget and just one day to surprise someone with a redecorating or landscape project.
Web Links: Surprise by Design

Title: Surprise Gardener Network: Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Year: 1998-2003 Host: Susie Coelho
Summary: "Surprise Gardener" performs a surprise yard makeover for a homeowner during each episode.  With the help of a team of landscaping and gardening professionals, the viewer follow the yard's transformation,  and see  step-by-step of gardening and landscaping (flowers and foliage, ponds and water gardens, patios and pathways)
Web Links: Surprise Gardener; For more info Visit Susie's Website

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