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 Horror Show Hosts At A Glance

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Horror Host Actor's Name City Years on the Air
David Allen David Allen Youngstown, OH 1950-1960s
Dr. Cadaverino Jack Du Blon  Milwaukee, WI 1964-1977
Dr. Creep Barry Hobart  Dayton, OH 1969-1985
Dr. E. Nick Witty & Epal   Alan Milair  & Bull Everett   Syracuse, NY  1964-1985
Dr. Evil  Philip Morris (?) 1960s  
Dr. Fear & Trinka (Dr, Fear & Trinka) Enid, OK 2002+
Dr. Gruesome Mark Bartholomew
Matthew Pak played Dr. Gruesome's on-air sidekick "Skeeter" from 1987-1996
Richmond, VA 1987-1996
Dr. Lucifer & Mrs. Lucifer   Richard & Nancy Dix Baltimore, MD 1957-1959
Dr. Lucifur Ken Bramming Nashville, TN 1958-1960s
Dr. Madblood Jerry Harrell Virginia Beach, VA 1975-1990s
Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi   Gailard Sartain  Tulsa, OK  1970-1973
Dr. Meridian  (?) Fort Wayne, IN 1950s-1960s
Dr. Mongo, a.k.a. "Dr. Montague B. Gourley"   (?)   Providence,  RI 1991-1993
Dr. Morbius Bruk Gant Cedar Rapids, IA   1986-1988
Dr. Morgus Sid Noel New Orleans, LA 1959-1989
Dr. Morgus Sid Noel Detroit, MI 1964-65
Dr. Paul Bearer Dick Bennick  St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL 1973-1990s
Dr. San Guinary  John Jones  Omaha, NE 1971-1981
Dr. Shock Joseph Zawislak Philadelphia, PA 1969-1979
Dr. Shock Douglas Agosti  Toledo, OH 1989-92  
Dr. Speculo Ben Armstrong Tallahassee, FL 1992-1992
Dr.Speculo Ben Armstrong Gainesville, GA 1992-93  
Dr. Terror  Guy Henry BBC1 & 2, England 1992+
Dr. X Robin Shurtz Orlando, FL 1980s
Dr. Ygor Gene King Moline, Illinois  Early 1960s
Dr. ZinGRR Robert O. Smith Seattle, WA 1971-1976


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