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Balthezor (Cole Turner) - Human/demon half breed (about 116 years old) seen during the third through fifth season of the supernatural drama CHARMED/WB/1998-2006.

Balthezor, a.k.a Cole Turner

Originally, the red-skinned Balthezor (Michael Bailey Smith) was assigned to travel to the city of San Francisco to destroy the Charmed One, a.k.a. The Halliwell sisters (Phoebe, Pru & Piper).

In the guise of Assistant District Attorney Cole Turner (Julius McMahon), he gathered information on how to destroy the witch sisters, but unforeseen, he fell in love with Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano). No longer able to fulfill his mission, he goes on the run until Cole's demonic half, Balthezor is vanquished.

Eventually, Phoebe and Cole get married, but over time Phoebe grows to distrust Cole who gains untold power by inheriting the energy from a being known as the "Source of all Evil." Soon after, Phoebe divorces him and Phoebe finally vanquishes the former love of her life (whom she now hated). Through it all, Cole claimed to love Phoebe eternally.

Phoebe at one point in their relationship had the responsibility of killing Cole, but instead she let him go free and kept it to herself, until her deception (motivated by love) was uncovered by her other sisters who were none to happy about the whole situation.

Julius McMahon as Cole Turner
Cole Turner, Balthezor's
human half

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