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Tom Drac - The proprietor of  a monstrous boarding house called Horrible Hall featured on the animated cartoon program THE GROOVIE GOOLIES/CBS/1971-72.

Tom Drac, proprietor of Horrible Hall - THE GROOVIE GOOLIES

Tom Drac lived with his wife, Hagatha; their son Frankie; Hagatha's enchanted broom named Broom Hilda; and their pets, Salem a cat and Rover, a dinosaur.

Among the many monster boarder at the Hall, there was Bella La Ghostly, Ratzo and Batzo the vampire twins, Wolfie the Wolfman, Dr. Jekyll/Hyde, the Thing-Eating Plant, the two-headed switchboard operator, the disembodied Ghoulihand, a skeleton called Napoleon Boneapart, Orville Mummy, and the Ask-it Casket.

Ratzo & Batzo

Ratzo & Batzo,
the Twin Vampires

Theme Song Lyrics

Everybody shout!
Come on now, sing out!
It's time for the Goolies get-together
They got jokes for everybody
Join the Goolies,
They're gonna do their thing for you.
They're kinda strange,
They're real funny,
You'll be glad to know
They love you too!

Everybody shout!
Come on now, sing out!
It's time for the Goolies get-together

You're gonna see
How funny they can be
'Cause it's time for the Goolies get-together!

The Groovie Goolies Rock Band


Characters / Voice Credits

Larry Storch as Tom Drac
Jane Webb as Hagatha/Broom Hilda/Sabrina
Howard Morris as Frankie/Wolfie/Ghoulihand
/Orville Mummy
Larry Mann as Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde /Batzo/Boneapart
Don Messick as Various Voices
John Erwin as Various Voices
Dallas McKennon as Carious Voices

TRIVIA NOTE: Produced by Filmations, The Groovie Goolies was originally teamed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch on SABRINA AND THE GROOVIE GOOLIES/CBS/1970-71 Later, the show ran in syndication under the title GROOVIE GOOLIES AND FRIENDS/SYN/1972-75 which hosted component segments such as LASSIE'S RESCUE RANGERS, MY FAVORITE MARTIAN, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF GILLIGAN, THE SECRET LIVES OF WALDO KITTY, M*U*S*H and UNCLE CROC'S BLOCK.

The Groovie Goolies also teamed with Looney Toons characters in the ABC SATRUDAY SUPERSTAR MOVIE: "Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies." In the last five minutes of the film, The Goolies became live-action characters when they entered the "Mad Mirror Land."

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