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Daniel Osbourne - Daniel, a.k.a. "Oz" is a student at Sunnydale High School seen on the occult adventure BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/WB/UPN/1997-2003.


Oz is a quiet, reserved musician with a good sense of humor and a high IQ [though he doesn't apply himself in school].

In his spare time he plays lead guitar in the rock band Dingoes Ate My Baby, which performs at a local hangout called the Bronze. He is also a member of "The Scooby Gang" which consists of vampire slayer Buffy Anne Summer and her helpers Willow, Xander, and Cordelia.

Unfortunately, Oz got bitten by a werewolf (his cousin, Geordie) and his whole life changed. After he turned into a werewolf at each full moon, his relationship with Willow Rosenberg fell apart.

At first, Oz had taken the precaution of locking himself in a cage with handcuffs and shackles to prevent him hurting anyone else, but he eventually left town with hopes of controlling his werewolf condition.

Before he left Sunnydale, Oz was irresistibly drawn to a she-wolf named Veruca who sang with a band called Shy. She loved being a werewolf and the primal rush she felt while killing things.

When Willow discovered Oz and the she-wolf naked together in a cage (they locked themselves up to keep from hurting anyone), Willow ran off and began to cast a harmful spell, but changed her mind.

Later, when the she-wolf threatened to kill Willow, Oz turned Wolfie and defended Willow by ripping out the she-wolf's throat. But the bloodlust of the moment, drove Oz to attack Willow, as well. Luckily, Buffy arrived on the scene to tranquilize Oz with a dart before he could do anymore harm.

Oz Morphs into a Wolf
Oz Morphs into a Wolf

Oz later left town and during his absence, Willow fell in love with a fellow Wiccan named Tara. When he returned to Sunnydale, he was now better able to control his condition with charms, chants and herbs which he found in Mexico, South America and Tibet.

Trying to lead a normal life again, he enrolled in Sunnydale University and resumed his role with the Scooby Gang by battling demons. But when Oz sniffed out the fact that Willow and Tara were lovers, he lost his cool, went Wolfie in the daylight and started to hunt down Tara.

Luckily, the Initiative captured Oz. Then they began to experiment on him but Buffy rescued Oz and he realized that he couldn't guarantee keeping control around Willow under the circumstance. And so he once again left town.

Oz later showed up in Los Angeles and visited with fellow Sunnydale-ites, Cordelia Chase and Angel.

Oz: You guys are, like, detectives?
Cordelia: No. I'm an actress.
Doyle: And quite a captivating one at that.
Cordelia: And between my many gigs, I sometimes choose to help Angel.
Doyle: He's the detective.
Oz: Does he have a hat and gun?
Cordelai: Just fangs.
Oz: Well, that works.

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