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Benita Bizarre - Evil "rock" witch featured on the children's live-action Sid and Marty Krofft series THE BUGALOOS/CBS/1970-71.

Martha Raye as Benita Bizarre - THE BUGALOOS

Benita Bizarre was once a famous pop singer and entertainer with a "Golden Throat", but her talents have waned and she wants very much to be back in the spotlight. ("Benita thinks she belongs to the "Now" generation, but she's strictly 'Then' ").

Despite her desperate attempts to convince herself and others that she is still a beautiful and talented songstress, Benita knows she no longer has what it takes to support those claims. But don't ever tell her to her face or you'll feel her wrath.

Meanwhile as her talents fade, a popular rock group called The Bugaloos (Harmony, Courage, Joy and IQ) catches her attention. Jealous of their abilities, Benita endlessly plots to kidnap the group, or steal their talents. 

Her plans included kidnapping Joy so The Bugaloos agree to be her backup band so she can record a hit song; or use a voice-switching machine to steal Joy's voice.

When Benita's not concocting plans to capture or destroy The Bugaloos talents, she lives in penthouse suite atop a towering jukebox and cruises around Uptown in a very long stretch limousine (driven by Funky Rat the chauffeur).

Benita's catchphrase is "I'm such a Devil" She uses robot henchman Woofer and Tweeter to pull off her evil deeds.

Script #1 "Firefly Light My Fire"
by Si Rose & John Fenton Murray

Benita: That group's out of sight!  Where are you beaming them in from?
Funky Rat: They're in the forest -- about ten miles out of town.
Just listen to them!  Oh, I've got to have them for my very own!  I must, I must!
Woofer & Tweeter:
What if they won't come?  Yeah -- what if?
(evil laugh) I haven't let that stop me yet!  If they won't come peacefully, we'll drag 'em by their guitar strings!  Let's go!


Cast Credits

Martha Raye as Benita Bizarre
John McIndoe as  I.Q.
Wayne Laryea as Harmony
John Philpott as Courage
Caroline Ellis as Joy
Billy Barty as Sparky
Sharon Baird as Funky Rat
Joy Campbell as Woofer
Van Snowden as Tweeter

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