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Maeve - Celtic sorceress who traveled ancient seas on the maritime adventure THE ADVENTURES OF SINBAD/SYN/1996-98.

Jacqueline Collen as Maeve - THE ADVENTURES OF SINBAD

Maeve and her brother Dermott were orphans. They were raised by a women named Dana and grew up in a village, the children of a pig farmer One day, an evil sorceress named Rumina visited her village of Eire and tried to enslave a number of young men. Maeve nixed Rumina plans and so with a wave of her hands, she turned Maeve's brother Dermott into a hawk in retaliation for interfering with her. A suitable punishment, no doubt, that would torment Maeve for the rest of her life. Later, when Maeve father's wanted to marry her off to a neighboring pig farmer, she ran away and solicited the help of an old magician named Dim Dim to teach her the white magic needed to battle Rumina and turn her brother back into to a man.

During her search for Rumina, Maeve befriended a band of sea-going rouges lead by Sinbad the Sailor who sailed the seas in a ship named Nomad. Their adventures included:

  • Vincenzo, a mysterious sculptor who desired to immortalize Maeve in marble
  • A band of norsemen who kidnapped Maeve because they believed she has been sent by the god Thor as a sacrifice to the Gulien Demon
  • A monster Vorgon who drains the life force from a village
  • Helping a pirate named Talia rescue a sacred stone from a cult.

Maeve with Fire Ball

Maeve experiments

Maeve Shooting Fire

Maeve Casting Various Spells

When Maeve is lost in a sea storm, Sinbad searches for her and meets Bryn on a small island, a woman with no memory of her past and a rainbow bracelet, like his. At first, Sinbad thought she was Maeve but he soon learned that Maeve was safe, with Dim Dim (Sinbad's mentor) in another dimension. Bryn became Dermott's new caretaker and decided to stay with Sinbad share his adventures. Bryn turned out to be the sister of Rumina, whose parents were Bri and the evil sorcerer Turok.

Sinbad: Wait. That bracelet.
Bryn: What about it?
Sinbad: Do you remember where you got it?
Sinbad: Me neither. But, let me guess. There was a storm. You thought there was no hope. Then, you awoke in a strange place and were safe. You had the bracelet on.
Bryn: There was a storm, I think. I awoke here, but I can't remember anything; except my name. I don't know who I am or where I came from.
Sinbad: Well, you're here, Maeve's gone. Dim-Dim always told me that everything has it's purpose. I pray that he is right.

Like Maeve, Bryn exhibited sorcery skills. she could create small tornados and even a mini quake. Bryn also has telepathic powers, which allow her to connect with animals and creatures.

Bryn: The warriors captured me and tied me to their altar.
Sinbad: But you escaped.
Bryn: Yeah.
Sinbad: And you have powers.
Sinbad: Sometimes. But the way you tossed the warrior just by looking at him...?
Bryn: I didn't mean to do that. I did, but not exactly. It's this gift I have. It comes and goes. I don't understand it.....Sinbad. Something's moving.
Sinbad: Stay here. Keep out of sight.
Bryn: I can take care of myself.
Sinbad: I know, but if that creature returns, or those warriors, I'll need you to watch my back.

Maeve & Sinbad's Crew


Cast Credits

Jacqueline Collen as Maeve
Mariah Shirley as Bryn
Zen Gesner as Sinbad
George Buza as Doubar
Oris Erhuero as Rongar
Tim Progosh as Firouz
Wayne Robson as Dim-Dim the Sorcerer
Julianne Morris as Rumina the Sorceress

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