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Wizadora - Young female wizard-in- training (Wendy van der Plank) featured on the live-action British children's fantasy program WIZADORA/ITV/1993-2000.

Wizadora Title Credit

Each episode, Wizadora uses her magical powers to solve her day-to-day problems. But she often has trouble casting her spells.

Wizadora's friends included Tatty Bogle, a dim-witted scarecrow that lives in Wizadora's back garden inside a large hollow tree; Stan the shopkeeper who supplies Wizadora with magical catalogues; and Pippa the friendly postal carrier who delivers magical items to Wizadora's home.

Living inside Wizadora's English cottage were such whimsical creatures as Hangle, a talking coat-hanger; Top/Sticky/Bottom, three talking drawers; Phoebe, a talking telephone; Filbert, Wizadora's half-plant, half-animal assistant, Poot, Wizadora's computer; "Very Old Fish", a talking fish who enjoys sharing tales of his travels around the world (from the comfort of his fish tank); and finally, a door mat that barks.

On the final episode No. 76 "Goodbye Wizadora," Wizadora receives a phone call from her parents who tell her she must return home. The last thing we see, after Wizadora says goodbye to all her friends, is a close-up shot of Wizadora waving goodbye. The puppets on the program were manipulated by Puppeteers Phil Eason, Francis Wright, Michael Bayliss and Sue Dacre.

Opening Theme Song Lyrics

We adore her
Doing things in her very special way
Nothing surer
you're the one that can brighten up the day.

Living with your most peculiar friends
in a kitchen full of fun,
hoping each day never ends



Cast Credits

Wendy van der Plank as Wizadora
Joe Greco as Tatty Bogle (Series 1,2)
Brian Murphy as Stan
Tessa Hats as Pippa
Francis Wright as Hangle, Bottom (Series 1)
Michael Bayliss as Very Old Fish/Topp/Filbert
Sue Darcre as Sticky/ Bottom/ Pheebe
Steven Ryde as Tatty Bogle (Series 3, 4, 5)

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