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Bunny - Personal horse of youngster Laura Ingalls (Melissa Gilbert) on the frontier family drama LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE/NBC/1974-83.

Laura Ingalls Hugs Bunny the Horse - LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE
Laura Hugs Bunny the Horse

  • On episode #14 "Christmas at Plum Creek" (aired 12/25/1974) Charles Ingalls makes a saddle for Laura's horse but Laura trades her beloved horse, Bunny to local general store merchant Mr. Nels Oleson (Richard Bull) in order to buy her mother Caroline (Karen Grassle) a much needed oven.
  • On episode #47 "Bunny" (10/18/1976) Nels Oleson's daughter, Nellie (Alison Arngrim) falls off Bunny and pretends to be paralyzed. Laura fearing for the horse's safety, hides Bunny from any possible retribution. Meanwhile, Laura discovers that Nellie is faking her handicap and pushes Nellie and her wheelchair downs a hillside into a pond. Shrieking with indignation, Nellie stands up and walks out of the pond. To punish Nellie for the deception her father, Nels Oleson returns Bunny to Laura's care.
  • On episode #48 "The Race" (10/04/76) Laura enters Bunny into a race at the local town fair. The Olesons enter their daughter, Nellie into the race riding an impressive thoroughbred named Sparks. Come the day of the race Laura has to ride and fetch Doc Baker (Kevin Hagen) for an emergency, but just in the nick of time she makes it to the race, and even though exhausted, Bunny still manages to win the event. The Olesons award Laura with an heirloom silver cup and Laura graciously returns to the cup to the Olesons.
  • On episode #51 "Journey in the Spring - Part One" (11/15/1976) Laura's grandfather, Lansford Ingalls comes to Walnut Grove to live with his son, Charles after his wife dies. While there, Bunny the horse has a serious accident and grandfather Lansford has to kill the horse, even though he promised Laura Bunny would live. Laura's initial anger makes her grandfather feel bad and so he leaves Walnut Grove. But eventually, Laura realizes the horse had to be put out its misery and she convinces her grandfather to return home with her.

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