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 Hospitals at a Glance

A - K  L - Z

Medical Facility Location Program
All Soul's Hospital  Boston, MA All Souls 
St. Angela's Hospital London, UK


County General Hospital

USA Ben Casey  

Century Hospital

Columbus, OH Body & Soul   

Jamison Clinic

Oahu Island, HI The Brian Keith Show 

Holloman University Trauma Center

 Texas Buck James             

National Health System Hospital

London, UK Cardiac Arrest            

Big City Hospital Casualty Dept.

London, UK   Casualty 

Chicago Hope Hospital

 Chicago, IL Chicago Hope  

Cook County Hospital Trauma Unit 

Chicago, IL Chicago Story     

China Beach Evacuation Hospital

 Da Nang, Vietnam China Beach                

City Hospital 

 New York City, NY City Hospital 

Cutter Community Hospital  

Cutter, TX Cutter To Houston   

Community General Hospital 

Los Angeles, CA Diagnosis: Murder  

Westbury Community Clinic 

 New York City, NY    Doc

Northeast Medical Partners 

Providence, RI Doctor, Doctor 

Center Hospital 

USA Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal

St. Swithins Teaching Hospital 

London, UK Doctor At Large

St. Swithins Teaching Hospital 

London, UK Doctor In Charge      

St. Swithins Teaching Hospital 

 London, UK Doctor In The House

Blair General Hospital 

USA Dr. Kildare   

Hope Memorial Hospital 

USA The Doctors 

Alden General Hospital 

New York City, NY The Doctors & The Nurses  

Lowell Memorial Hospital 

Los Angeles, CA Doctors Hospital

Eastman Medical Center 

Los Angeles, CA Doogie Howser, M.D

Rampart General Hospital

Los Angeles, CA Emergency  

Oxbridge General Hospital 

London, UK   Emergency-Ward 10 

Cook County General Hospital

Chicago, IL


Clark Street Hospital E/R 

Chicago, IL 


General Hospital

Port Charles, NY General Hospital 

Croft University Medical School 

Jantique Island Going To Extremes    
Seattle Grace Hospital Seattle, WA Grey's Anatomy

9th Street Community
General Hospital 

USA Harry    

Women's Medical Arts Clinic 

USA Heartbeat     

Harlem Eastside Lifesaving Program (H.E.L.P.)

New York City, NY H.E.L.P.   

Garrison Center Psychiatric Clinic 

Near Boston, MA Hothouse 
Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital Princeton-Plainsboro, NJ House

Kensington General Hospital 

San Francisco, CA House Calls

U.C.I. Inner-City Teaching Hospital

USA The Human Factor 

New North Hospital 

USA The Interns

Kamehameha Medical Center 

Honolulu, HI Island Son

Rush-Thornton Medical Center 

Chicago, IL It Takes Two    

St. James' Hospital 

Leeds, W. Yorkshire Jimmy's    

City Memorial Hospital 

Los Angeles, CA      Julie Farr, M.D.   

Manhattan General  Hospital 

New York City, NY Kay O'Brien, Surgeon  

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