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Rittenhouse Hospital - Philadelphia medical facility featured on the medical drama STRONG MEDICINE/LIF/2000-2006.

Staff of Rittenhouse Hospital - STRONG MEDICINE
Lana, Peter, Lu, Dana, Nick and Bob

Physicians on staff included:

  • Rosa Blasi as Dr. Luisa 'Lu' Delgado
  • Philip Casnoff as Chief of Staff Dr. Robert Jackson
  • Brennan Elliott as Dr. Nick Biancavilla
  • Patricia Richardson as Dr. Andy Campbell
  • Janine Turner as Dr. Dana Stowe
  • Tamera Mowry as Dr. Kayla Thorton
  • Matthew Yang King as Dr. Matt Linn
  • Rick Schroder as Dr. Dylan West
  • Richard Biggs as Dr. Milo Morton
  • Terrence Flack as E.R. Dr. Terence
  • Mickey Maxwell as Anethesiologist
  • Stephen Gregory Foster as Dr. Blahnik
  • Stephen Pisani as Dr. Steve
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Dr. Lydia Emerson
  • Gregory Harrison as Dr. Rand Kilner
  • William Forward as Dr. Alan Mendel
  • Howard S. Miller as Dr. Walter Thompson
  • Ion Overman as Dr. Steph
  • Michael Town as E.R. Doc Morrow
  • Joe Howard as Dr. Doster
  • Megan Follows as Dana's Doctor
  • Matthew Abe as ER Doctor
  • Ken Phillips as Dr. Phillips
  • R.J. Adams as Dr. Mark Branson
  • Gerald Emerick as ER Doctor
  • Robert Foxworth as Dr. Ezra Stowe
  • Noor Shic as ER Doctor
  • Peter White as Dr. Soames
  • Richard Topol as Attending
  • Julie Dretzin as Dr. Jean
  • Kavita Patil as Dr. Ann
  • Daniel Graves as Dr. Klipstein
  • Nick Spano as Dr. Schwartz
  • Alexandra Fulton as Dr. Jody Ziegler
  • Derrex Brady as Dr. Adrian Burwell

Patricia Richardson as Dr. Andy Campbell

Rick Schroder as Dr. Dylan West

Patricia Richardson as
 Dr. Andy Campbell
Rick Schroder as
 Dr. Dylan West

Other support personnel included:

  • Jenifer Lewis as Receptionist Lana Hawkins
  • Cullen Douglas as Lab Tech Abrams
  • Orlando Ortega as Security Guard
  • Joshua Cox as Midwife Peter Riggs, R.N.
  • Kim Meredith as Nurse Jenny
  • Sheila Kerrigan as Nurse Gwen
  • Racheal Seymour as Nurse Rachel
  • Dena Lang as ER Nurse Porter
  • Randy Hale as ER Nurse Randy
  • Susie Schelling as Nurse
  • Mariah Shirley as Nurse
  • Susan Leslie as Nurse Bonnie
  • Sylvie Forrest as ER Nurse
  • Erin Anderson as Nurse Erin
  • Rhonda Collier as Nurse
  • Mary Rings as E.R. Nurse
  • Pamela Shaddock as Pedes Nurse
  • Nick Halloran as Nurse
  • Shi Ne Nielson as Nurse Selden
  • Artie O'Daly as Nurse
  • James Logan as Paramedic Smith
  • John Griffin as Paramedic Newton
  • Patrick Flanagan as Paramedic Burns
  • Jon Hershfield as Paramedic Gordon
  • David Spates as Paramedic Watts
  • Josh Kuhn as EMT
  • Yvonne Huff as Paramedic Ally

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