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Vulcan Language - Alien language spoken on the planet Vulcan on the sci-fi series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69.

Mr. Spock

Leonard Nimoy starred as Mr. Spock, a green-blooded alien from Vulcan who served onboard the USS Enterprise as Science Officer. During the series a number of Vulcan language terms were spoken.

The following is a list of words with translations:

  • Ahn-woon -  A Vulcan version of a bola, with handles at each end. Spock used this weapon to strangle Captain Kirk while under the madness of Plak-tow
  • Fal-tor-pan - Ancient Vulcan ritual used to rejoin the katra to a person's body
  • Kahr-if-far - Begin the ritual action or fulfill the point in the cycle. The phrase was spoken on the episode "Amok Time" to open the Vulcan marriage ceremony
  • Katra - The Vulcan version of a soul or spirit. In the 1982 motion picture Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Spock transferred his katra via a mind meld to Dr. McCoy. Spock's spirit was regenerated into a new body during the fal-tor-pan ritual in the 1984 sequel Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
  • Kolinahr - Vulcan emotion purging ritual designed to attain a level of pure logic
  • Kroykah - Cease and desist
  • Koon-ut-kal-if-fee - Marriage or Challenge. When it is time for Vulcans to mate, they go into the "Blood Fever" which makes their blood burn with the mating drive. Ship's physician, Dr. McCoy once remarked "Perhaps that's the price they pay for being so controlled"
  • Lirpa - Similar to a military training baton, the Lirpa was a traditional Vulcan weapon with a large razor edge on one end and a large metal ball on the other. In a slashing-cutting motions, the opponent would either be cut or crushed
  • Plak-tow - Blood Fever or Frenzy. It referred to the frenzy at the height of Pon-Farr which disrupted the victim so that he focused only on the mating fever and an intense desire to do battle
  • Pon-farr - Mating Time. The point in the physical development of a Vulcan male when he must return home and take a wife. A young male can resist Pon-farr for a few cycles, but it eventually

    becomes to strong for him and so he must submit to it or die

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