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License Plates

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Plate No. Model / Type Owner / Driver Program
845-DUD     Sedan      Edna Garrett   Facts of Life
WARNER-3  Bronze Coupe DeVille    Blair Warner    Facts of Life
FALL GUY  GMC Pickup Truck   Colt Seavers     Fall Guy
P7C-128 Red & White 1960 BMW Isetta Mini Car Steven Q. Urkel  Family Matters  
URK MAN Red & White 1960 BMW Isetta Mini Car Steven Q. Urkel    Family Matters
R3H-698 Parish Station Wagon Sister Steve Father Dowling Mysteries
W64905 Sedan Det. Sam Stone    Felony Squad
W64905         Sedan  Det. Jim Briggs    Felony Squad
ASB 589   1962 Corvette   Ferris Bueller Ferris Beuller
6YZ-643 Stone Age Flintmobile     Fred Flintstone       Flintstones
358 VY5     1962 Cadillac Conv.   Nicholas Knight  Forever Knight
2TZ-0587  Porsche  Fortune Dane Fortune Dane  
330 WPT     Black BMW Sedan Frasier Crane   Frasier
2X85    Yellow NYC Taxi Cab  Phoebe Buffay   Friends
RDV-913    Yellow Ford Mustang (aka "Sally") Jesse Full House
JJE-805 Red 1963 Rambler (aka "Rosie") Joey Gladstone Full House  
6A7-379  Red Sunbeam Tiger Sport  Maxwell Smart   Get Smart
9G-893 Red Sunbeam Tiger Sport  Maxwell Smart  Get Smart
937-G5R Beige Jeep Wrangler Lorelai Gilmore Gilmore Girls
LJH-681  Sports Car      April Dancer Girl from UNCLE  
693 LN8 1966 Red Buick Wildcat  Henry Ungalow  &  Kevin Lauglin  Going to California
(?)  1924 yellow & black Lincoln   Cabriolet Landaulet  Custom Taxi Cab  Rufus Betterworth The Good Guys  
DJH IBOK Yellow Station Wagon Jerry Leadbetter Good Neighbors
FXB 352 or AEH-497 GTO Blue Pontiac Sedan    Grace Kelly Grace Under Fire
92LT07    Van  Dennis Bakelenekoff  Grand Slam
VATO-UNO Sedan  Pedro Gomez         Grand Slam
293-XUJ or 508-SAT Sedan  Bill Maxwell  Greatest American Hero
793-LAF or 733-LBL  Sedan Pamela Davidson  Greatest American  Hero
V-194 1966 Chrysler Imperial (aka "Black Beauty") Green Hornet  Green Hornet
FEM-412  Station Wagon     Jason/Maggie Seaver  Growing Pains

BLA-523  or BLA 395 or BLA 6PU or 635-TIP

Red Convertible VW Bug   Mike Seaver Growing Pains
GPU-570 Blue Sports Car  Mike Seaver  Growing Pains
583 BVD   1967 Dodge Dart Mark Cooper Hangin' with Mr. Cooper
F-3680      Black Desoto Howard Cunningham Happy Days
BFJ-380 Hudson  Howard Cunningham Happy Days
F-7193   1952 Ford Convertible (aka "The Love Bandit") Richie Cunningham  Happy Days  
25862L Motorcycle    Joe Kaczierowski   Hardball
2LYN-596  Sedan    Charlie Battles Hardball
COYOTE or  DE JUDGE    Red Manta Sports Car Mark McCormick    Hardcastle &   McCormick
2P34525 Black & Grey GMC Pickup Milton G. Hardcastle Hardcastle & McCormick
TNT-456       Sedan   Cassie Bowman      Harper Valley
NNT-552    Limousine       Flora Simpson Reilly  Harper Valley
608-GHR   4 X 4 Van      George Henderson   Harry & the Hendersons
HART I  Mercedes Sedan Jonathan Hart     Hart to Hart
HART II    Mercedes Sedan Jennifer Hart       Hart to Hart
HART III Mercedes Sedan Hart Family Car       Hart to Hart
THE BEAST Sedan    Det. Buddy Capatosa   Hat Squad  
F6-3958  Black Mercury Sedan Steve McGarrett   Hawaii Five-O
DEW-592   1965 Cadillac Convertible   Detective Mac Riley & Andy Senkowski  Hawaiian Heat
BPV-578  1940s Chevy Woody Station Wagon Father Noah Rivers   Hell Town  
0FP-857 Volkswagen Bug    Jim Douglas  Herbie, the Love Bug
827 KEG Black Thunderbird   Duncan MacLeod    Highlander
1DTD-458 Grey Ford Sedan      Mark Gordon  Highway to Heaven
2L TIME   1933 Ford Blue Roadster with rumble seat (a.k.a. "Blue Goose")  Tim Taylor     Home  Improvement
964-J57 Red Chevy Nomad Wagon Jill Taylor Home Improvement
1406-122  Surveillance Truck Honey West      Honey West
1ET-974  Surveillance Truck     Honey West  Honey West
AB-1651 Sedan Glenn Evans  Hong Kong
H95-652  Grey AMC Jeep  Levon Lundy         Houston Knights
(None)   Red GMC pickup with Black Camper Shell Levon Lundy            Houston Knights  
1ADT-849     Sedan  Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter Hunter
318-DZU Blue Junker Sedan   Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter       Hunter
Green Pontiac   Major Tony Nelson   I Dream of Jeannie
M-7246 &  M-7555       Blue & White Patrol Car    Chief Bill Gillespie   In the Heat of the Night
248-RPA Red Jaguar Sedan W/ Black Top     Inspector Morse Inspector Morse
C12563 Converted Police Van  Robert T. Ironside Ironside
69-CBE  Red Sedan (later yellow) Andrea Thomas Isis
899-11   Jeep  Wes Macauley    It's a Man's World
818P   Pickup Truck Houghton Stott   It's a Man's World

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