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License Plates - Aviation
Plate No. Model / Type Owner / Driver Program
N2044C Bell Jet Ranger Dominic Santini, Santini Air Airwolf
N3079 & N703 Batcopter      Batman
(a.k.a. "Bruce Wayne")    
N-40MC  (Side#)    Helicopter  WCPD Police  Chopper One
N-2098  (Bottom#) Helicopter  WCPD Police Chopper One
1095-A Brown Helicopter  with yellow & orange stripes owned by Island Hopper Copter Service.  Theodore "TC" Calvin   Magnum, P.I.     
N1090Z  Helicopter         Matt Houston           Matt Houston
N-78730 or N-8326A Cessna Single-Engine  Continental 145 aircraft owned Cicely Air Taxi Service Maggie O'Connell    Northern Exposure    
N-322OY Airplane Jim Buckley / Ted McKeever  Ripcord
N698  Pink Sikorski Helicopter      Nick Ryder / Cody Allen     Riptide
N87832 & later N5248A Songbird - a Cessna 310-B with wing-tip tanks Skylar "Sky" King Sky King
N975B  Bell Ranger Copter  Chuck Martin / P.T. Moore Whirlybirds
N2836B  Bell Ranger Copter    Chuck Martin / P. T. Moore  Whirlybirds
N121PP Cessna 402 twin engine with two-tone blue stripping owned by Sandpiper Air.   Joe / Brian Hackett  Wings 

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