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Biker Mice from Mars - Three human-sized Martian biker mice who escaped sinister fish-faced Plutarkian invaders and traveled to Earth on the animated adventure BIKER MICE FROM MARS/SYN/1993-95.

Biker Mice from Mars - Modo, Throttle, Vinnie

Taking up headquarters as the Last Chance Garage in Chicago, The Biker Mice (a.k.a. "Bros") included:

  • Modo (voice of Dorian Harewood), an imposing warrior mouse with a bionic arm
  • Throttle (voice of Rob Paulsen), the cool biker in sunglasses
  • Vinnie (voice of Ian Ziering) the half-masked rebel romantic of the bunch.

Appearing in such episodes as "Rock & Ride," "The Masked Motorcyclist," "Vicious Cycles" and "High Rollin' Rodents," the Biker Mice (who rode souped up motorcycles) battled to save the Earth from the likes of Lord Camembert, Lawrence Limburger, Dr. Karbunkle, his assistant Greasepit, Dominic T. Stilton, Fred the Mutant, Corroder Cody, Tunnel Ratt, the Loogie Brothers, the Road Ravens, the Stalkers, Cycletors, Hacka & Honka, The Mechanic, Hardrock, the Weather Mister, Xterminator, and a tricky lawyer called Provelone.

Other mice friends of the Biker Mice were Carbine, Rimfire, Harley, Mace, and Stoker. Charley, a human girl helped the Biker Mice on occasion.

Biker Mice from Mars Logo

The series was created by Rick Ungar in association with New World Entertainment. A line of Biker Mice action figures were marketed by Galoob. An animated remake of the series appeared in 2006.

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