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"More Power!" - Popular phrase of Tim Taylor (Tim Allen), a Detroit cable TV home improvement host of "Tool Time" on the sitcom HOME IMPROVEMENT/ABC/1991-99. Tim's solution to any problem was giving it more power. To improve his riding lawn mover, he installed a jet engine to its chassis. Tim Taylor once said, "I am the guy that built a lawnmower to do twelve seconds in a quarter mile. I am the guy who put a barbecue grill into geo-synchronous orbit. So don't tell me there's nothing we can do. I'm the Tool Man. I can fix anything!"

TRIVIA NOTE: During a September 7, 1990 stage act at the State Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Tim Allen grunting like a Neanderthal remarked "I got the John Deere tractor, the 160 series, hoo, hoo, hooo, that's 11 horses, twin-seater, 42-inch blade rear bagger with a tiller, arrh, arrrh, arrh. It's got headlights on it, in case I want to mow at night." In a frenzy of enthusiasm, he cried "I got tool, folks. I've got tools to fix tools. I've got 'em all...More power, Arrrh, Arrrh, Arrrrrrh.!"

"My roots are in the soil" - Proud proclamation of Oliver Wendell Douglas (Eddie Albert), a lawyer-turned-gentlemen farmer on the sitcom GREEN ACRES/CBS/1965-71. Once Oliver said to his wife Lisa (Eva Gabor) "I take a little seed, I put it in the ground, I put dirt over it, I water it, and then do you know what I get?" Lisa answered "A dirty little wet seed?"

"My sword is a flame-to right every wrong-so heed my name" - Credo of Zorro (Guy Williams), a swashbuckling masked hero dressed in black who battled the evil doers of 1820s Spanish California on the Disney adventure ZORRO/ABC/ 1957-59. Reward for the capture of Zorro was posted at 1,000 pesos.


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