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"The Network That Means Business" - The slogan of Networks 23, a futuristic television station on the sci-fi series MAX HEADROOM/ABC/1987. Network 23 aired subliminal commercials (compressed from 30 to 3 seconds) that caused inactive viewers to explode. See also COMMUNICATION DEVICES: "Blipverts"

"The Network That Puts U Before The B.S." - Motto of the United Broadcasting System UBS on the syndicated talk show satire AMERICA-2-NIGHT/ SYN/1978. UBS was located in Alta Coma, California, known as the "unfinished furniture capital of the world" and "Shoelace capitol of the world"

"Never Plead Guilty" - The legal advice of portly, irreverent barrister Horace Rumpole (Leo McKern.), an old "Old Bailey hack," who drinks red plonk (cheap wine), puffs on small cigars and recites poetry on the British legal drama THE RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY/THA/1977-92. The Rumpole TV episodes have been shown in the US on the PBS series MYSTERY!

"Ninety-Nine And 44/100% Pure" - The proud advertising slogan of the Ivory Soap products manufactured by Proctor and Gamble. The first line of the first ad for Ivory Soap read: "The `ivory' is a laundry soap with all the fine qualities of a choice toilet soap, and is 99 44/100% pure." An alternate slogan was "It floats!" Years later, Proctor and Gamble was embarrassed to discover that one of the females featured on a box of Ivory Snow was an X-rated movie actress named Marilyn Chambers. The wholesome blond beauty, Marilyn Chambers had posed for an advertising photograph - a young mother - for Procter & Gamble's world-famous Ivory Soap. A few months later, Chambers made her dirty debut in the now classic XXX-rated adult movie Behind the Green Door (1972). Of course, P&G did their best to recall all the offending packaging that displayed Chamber's photograph. To save themselves future embarrassment, Proctor & Gamble reportedly added language to their modeling contracts to prevent such a thing from ever happening again.


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