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"One for all, all for one" - The motto of the Musketeers, Royal Guards who protected the throne of France (1620s) from the evil Cardinal Richlieu on the adventure series THE THREE MUSKETEERS/SYN/1956. The sword-wielding Musketeers included D'Artagnan (Jeff Stone), Aramis (Paul Campbell) and Porthos (Peter Trent). The characters were based on the classic 1844 novel "The Three Musketeers" written by Alexandre Dumas.

"One Riot, One Ranger" - Motto of the Texas Rangers, created by ranger M.T. (Lone Wolf) Gonzaullas. TV programs featuring Texas Rangers included TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGER/CBS/ABC/1955-59 starring Willard Parker and Harry Lauter; TEXAS JOHN SLAUGHTER/ABC/1958-61 starring Tom Tyron; TRACKDOWN/CBS/ 1957-59 starring Robert Culp; LAREDO/NBC/1965-67 starring Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith, and Philip Carey; RANGO/ABC/1967 starring Tim Conway; and WALKER, TEXAS RANGER/CBS/1993-2001 starring Chuck Norris. The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame in Waco, Texas (located along the Brazos River in Fort Fisher Park) contains a wax museum, dioramas, saddles, weapons and other historical paraphernalia used by Rangers.

"The Only Four Letter Network" - Motto of the fictional SCTV network located in the town of Melonville on the comedy spoof SCTV NETWORK/NBC/ SYN/1981-83. Joe Flaherty played Guy Caballero, the station's unethical owner.

"Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" - The public service slogan of the US Forest Service spoken by Smokey Bear (voice of Jackson Weaver) in numerous radio and television spots since 1950. The bear that inspired the campaign was discovered in 1950 in a burnt out section of El Capitan Mountain forest in New Mexico. He was later taken to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. See also BEARS: "Smokey Bear"

"Over Hill Over Dale, Our Love Will Never Fail" - The sentimental phrase "Over Hill Over Dale, Our Love Will Never Fail" was inscribed on the wedding ring of Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan (Loretta Swit), a Korean War nurse working with the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital on the military comedy M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83. Her husband was Lt. Colonel Donald Penobscott whom she later divorced. On episode No.136 "Patent 4077" broadcast 1/10/1978 Corporal Maxwell Klinger lost Hot Lips ring and replaced it with a copy made by a Korean metalsmith. Unfortunately, the inscription now read: "Over hill over dale, our love will ever fail" (The Letter "N" unluckily omitted). A similar storyline aired on the sitcom WINGS/NBC/1990-97 when Joe Hackett (Timothy Daly) realized the inscription on the ring he planned to give his fiancée Helen Chappel (Crystal Bernard) misspelled Helen's name. It read: "To my darling Melen." The ring had "I" 2 clarity and a slight flaw in it's girdle.


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