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Sha Na Na - Group of musicians and singers who specialize in the Rock and Roll classics of the 1950s and early 1960s.

Sha Na Na

Sha Na Na (formerly "The Kingsmen") was formed in 1969 by 12 students from Columbia University. Taking their act on the road they parlayed their love for the 1950s into a professional act and finally into the successful syndicated musical variety program SHA NA NA/SYN/1977-81. The backdrop of the show was a New York Street filled with brownstone row homes.

Members of the rock troupe included:

  • Jon "Bowzer" Bauman
  • Lennie Baker
  • Johnny Contardo
  • Frederick "Dennis" Greene (the group's only black member)
  • "Dirty Dan" McBride
  • John "Jocko" Marcellino
  • Dave "Chico" Ryan
  • "Screamin' Scott" Simon
  • Tony Santini (Scott Powell)
  • Donald "Donny" York

Sha Na Na derived their name from the background chorus of the classic 1958 song "Get a Job" by the Silhouettes where the repetitive words "Sha Na Na" are heard.

This group of happy-go-lucky street toughs closed each show with the words "Grease for Peace."

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