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"St George and the Dragonet" -  Take one successful police drama DRAGNET/NBC/1952-59/1967-70 and one master satirist like Stan Freberg and you come up with the best selling (1 million copies) 1953 record "St. George and the Dragonet." (a.k.a. the Dragnet parody song).

Stan Freberg - St. George and the Dragonet

The flip-side of the single release featured 'Little Blue Riding Hood' with Freberg as a detective, questioning Miss Hood which includes the immortal line from the show "just the facts ma'am".

The beginning of the "St. George and the Dragonet" record states: "The legend you are about to hear is true; only the needle should be changed to protect the record." It continued:

"This is the countryside, My name is St. George. I'm a knight. Saturday July 10th 8:05PM. I was working out of the castle on the night watch when a call came in from the chief. A dragon had been devouring maidens. My job...Slay 'em."

When a knave asks "How are you gonna catch 'em," St. George replies "A Dragonet." St. George arrested the Dragon on a 502 "Devouring maidens out of season". The bit concluded:

"On September the 5th, the dragon was tried and convicted. His fire was put out and his maiden devouring license revoked. Maiden devouring out of season is punishable for a term of not less than fifty or more than 300 years."

A full text of the bit is found in Stan Freberg's biography: "It Only Hurts When I Laugh" (Times Books, 1988 p. 86-89)

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