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Happenings in TV Land - April 2002

St. Louis, MO) Ex-Jock Joins Teaching Staff - Lucas Tanner, a former baseball player and sportswriter  has taken a job as an English Teacher at the Harry S. Truman Memorial High School in suburban Webster Groves. Lucas moved to Missouri after his wife and child were killed in an auto accident. Principal Margaret Blumenthal and all of Truman's  teaching staff wish Lucas Tanner the best of luck in his newest profession. 

(Oak Park, IL) Local Youth Crashes Car - David Hogan, 16, the son of airline pilot Michael Hogan demolished his father's classic Italian sports car the other evening when he took it for a spin without permission to impress a neighborhood girl. The car was a "Guzmeroli," and reportedly there were only nine others like it in the country. Although the car was totaled, David Hogan survived the crash. After fuming over the lose of his valuable car, David Hogan was relieved that his son had not been seriously injured in the accident. 

(Mayberry, NC)  New Fix-It Shop Opens - Emmett Clark, a veteran handyman for 38 years has opened Emmett's Fix-It Shop at 132 Main Street, the former location of Floyd's Barber Shop. Emmett specializes in fixing cuckoo clocks, toasters and other small appliances. Emmett and his wife, Martha originally lived in Mt. Pilot but they decided to move to Mayberry to expand their home-based handyman business. The building that houses Emmett's Fix-It shop still continues to be a popular meeting place for town folks. Visitors to the shop will find Emmett pleasant fellow to talk to, but they should heed the posted sign: "We don't loan tools."

(Hollywood, CA) Young Woman Inherits Mansion - Jenny McMillan, a small town girl from Utica, New York recently inherited a luxurious Hollywood home from her late father, Guy Hathaway, a B-movie actor from the 1970s. He left Jenny a collection of video tapes that recorded moments in his career and instructed his daughter to enjoy her own life. Jenny's best friend Maggie moved into the mansion to help Jenny adjust to her new digs. Living in the guest house were Max and Cooper, two fun-loving wannabe filmmakers and partners in Pendulum Films. Together they do their best to "Party on, Dude!"

(New York City, NY) Musician Turns Private Eye -
Jazz pianist Johnny Staccato, has recently taken up a side line of private investigator to supplement his income. When not chasing down clues for a case, Johnny hangouts out at Waldo's, a small jazz club in the Greenwich Village on MacDougal Street where he   meets with clients or plays the piano with the house band.

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