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(New York City, NY) Former narcotics officer John Clark, Jr, a second generation cop, joined the 15th Precinct as replacement for homicide Det. Danny Sorenson who died in the line of duty while working undercover. Sorenson came up missing in the middle of May 2001 and it wasn't until November of this year that his body was found buried in a grave near the river. Police investigators discovered that Sorenson was killed by the manager of Tailfeathers, a local strip joint. The manager, later killed by Det. Sipowicz in a shootout, had disposed of Danny Sorensen's body months ago. Detective Danny Sorensen who achieved his gold shield at the age of 28 had also transferred from Narcotics Division. His death marks the second casualty the 15th has incurred. Former Det. Bobby Simone died on November 24, 1998 from post-surgical complications due to a diseased heart. 

(Mayfield, USA) Youngster Theodore  "Beaver" Cleaver was rescued from a billboard yesterday after being trapped inside a large cup attached to the advertising display. The billboard was advertising Zesto Soup's and supported a large three dimensional cup protruding from the sign. Attracted to the stream of smoke billowing from the cup's interior, Beaver climbed up to the cup's rim and accidentally fell inside. Later that day, members of the local fire department returned him safely to his parents who were standing in the crowd of onlookers below. Asked why he climbed the sign, the embarrassed boy reported that he wanted to see if the cup was really filled with soup. Whitey Whitney, Beaver's tow-headed friend allegedly goaded Beaver into climbing the sign to investigate the cup's content. 

(Vancouver, BC) Psychologist Dr. Michael Terry has opened his rural ranch to troubled teens. According to Vancouver police officer John Philip Reed who deals with juvenile offenders on a daily basis, Dr. Terry's country environment away for the stress of the city would be conducive for reaching and rehabilitating a variety of teenagers with emotional and criminal problems. The ranch is supervised by Fox Devlin, who ran the ranch for its previous owners; Vic, an Indian ranch hand, and C.C. Dechardon, the cook. 

(New Rochelle, NY) There's a new dance in town and it's called the Twizzle. Invented by teenage singer Randy Twizzle, the "Twizzle" is catching on all over town. The dance first came to the attention of the media when TV comedy writer Sally Rogers saw Randy performing at a Connecticut bowling alley. Impressed with The Twizzle's fanciful movements, (a cross between the Twist and the Sizzle) Sally dragged TV show director Mel Cooley and her fellow employees to see him perform. The dance lyrics encourage people to gyrate their hips, chant "2,3,4,5,6,7,8" and then follow Randy's instructions to Twizzle "To and Fro...Left and Right...and High and Low." Randy and his "Twizzle" dance is scheduled to premiere nationwide on an upcoming installment of The Alan Brady Show

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