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(Los Angeles, CA) Charles Townsend, a reclusive millionaire and known ladies man, has recently opened the Charles Townsend Detective Agency. Managed by John Bosley, Townsend's trusted lawyer and confidant, the firm has recruited a bevy of talented and beautiful females from local law enforcement to act as field operatives. Collectively, the female employees are rumored to be called "Charlie's Angels." The newly hired detectives are Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe and Kelly Garrett, all recent graduates of the Los Angeles Police Academy. With Bosley as their main contact, the "Angels" receive their orders through conference calls over the telephone. None of the staff, with the exception of Bosley, has ever seen their employer face-to-face. 

(Los Angeles, CA) A long-standing high school gymnasium has burned to the ground. Last night, firefighters rushed to quell the flames that totally consumed the local landmark. The main suspect is freshman Buffy Anne Summers who has been linked to going-ons that involve strange tales of demons and supernatural creatures. Her divorced mother Joyce Summers offered only support to her daughter and is deeply shocked and concerned about the allegations directed at her bright, perky child. At last report, Buffy Summers was expelled from school and the Summers have relocated to the town of Sunnydale, California where Buffy has enrolled as a sophomore at Sunnydale High School. 

(Brentwood, CA) 16-year-old whiz kid Dr. Douglas "Doogie" Howser has just received his residency at Eastman Medical Center. Howser graduated from Princeton at the age 14 and now like his father, Dr. David Howser, Doogie continues the family's medical tradition. Doogie's bout with Leukemia when he was six years old, heightened his interest in the field of medicine. Ironically, although Doogie is a genius, he still can't drive a car, or buy beer. Until he's eighteen, he'll lives with his parents at their Brentwood Home. To track his professional and personal progress, Doogie records his daily thoughts on a computer diary entitled The Person Journal of Doogie Howser.

(Minnesota) Hayden Fox, the coach of the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles football team, has accepted an offer to coach the Pro expansion team, the Orlando Breakers. Although Hayden will leave Minnesota State after 21 years of service, he will take with him most of his trusted staff including assistant coaches Luther Van Dam, and Michael "Dauber" Dybinski. Doris Sherman, an eccentric millionaire, currently owns the Breaker franchise and sees Fox's addition to the team as a precursor to a successful upcoming season. 

(London, UK) Jason King, the successful writer of the Mark Cain mystery novels is once again on the best seller list. His latest novel High Fashion Murder is garnering rave reviews from both fan and critics alike. In his spare time King has been linked with Department S, a special branch of the International Police Force. It is rumored that many of the plotlines he has used in his books have come from actual Interpol cases with which King has been intimately involved. King has previously published the novel Two Plus One Equals Murder. 

(Queensland, AU) Los Angeles-based research scientist Michael Larson has relocated to Queensland to study man-to-dolphin communication for Trent Enterprises, owned by wealthy Australian industrialist Baron Trent. Headquartered at Dolphin Cove, Larson will conduct experiments with research dolphins named Slim and Delbert. Local aborigine James "Didge" Desmonde will assist Larson on his dolphin research. Larson, a widower, is the father of two teenage children: Katie and David. Both have accompanied Larson to Dolphin Cove. Katie lost her ability to speak due to shock induced by the car accident that killed her mother. With the help of Katie's new therapist, Alison Mitchell and close play with the dolphins, Larson hopes, his daughter will regain her ability to speak. 

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