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This month's featured animal is


Xena and her horse, Argo - XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
Xena with Argo, her faithful mount

Argo is the trusted Palomino combat horse ridden by Xena (Lucy Lawless), an ancient Greek warrior princess on the action adventure XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS/SYN/1995-2001. Argo responds to Xena's whistles and takes verbal commands with ease. Argo carried Xena throughout ancient Greece while Xena's traveling companion and close friend, Gabrielle (Rene O'Connor) walked by their side. Gabrielle once exclaimed "Do you know how important Argo is to Xena? I think she likes that horse more than she likes me. I can't count the number of times Argo has saved Xena." In some of the earlier episodes such as "Sins of the Past" and "Dreamworker," Argo is referred to as "boy." However, beginning with the episode "The Greater Good," it was made clear that Argo is a mare. It was in this episode that Argo proved her loyalty to Xena by refusing to tear Xena's body to pieces even though she is being whipped mercilessly to do so. On the sixth season episode "Livia" Argo was left in the care of Joxer for a period of 25 years. [Xena and Gabrielle were encased in ice]. Upon their release, Joxer tells Xena that Argo has died but announced a new addition, namely Argo's baby foal, Argo II. Argo had  previously died and returned to life in the third season episode "Been There, Done That." On the fifth season episode "Punchlines" Argo was shrunken to the size of a miniature horse by Lachrymose, the God of despair to punish Gabrielle for using his creek water without permission. After Lachrymose gets hit with a pie, he begins to laugh and Argo returns to her normal size.

TRIVIA NOTE: During  production several beige horses with white manes were used to portray Argo. Among them, Tilly, a palomino mare, is the one most often seen. Other horses used as stunt and body double stand-ins included Barbie, (as Tilly`s stunt double); Mac (as a body double and for distant shots, like riding into the sunset), as well as Aztec (for rearing); and Honey (for kicking and running), The horses were all between 10 and 14 years old. In the Hercules series before Xena got her own show, Xena rode a gray horse called Snuff. 

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