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TV Acres Newsletter
Date Person Program
October 1954 Tim Taylor         Home Improvement  
October 2 ALF   ALF  
October 8, 2040 John Tracy  Thunderbirds
October 11, 1960 
(also given as)
October 13, 1961  
Fox “Spooky” Mulder The X-Files  
October 14  Grover   Sesame Street  
October 16   Angela Bower Who's The Boss  
October 16, 1969  Adam Stephens   Bewitched  
October 19   Stan Marsh     South Park  
October 24, 1980   Buffy Summers   Buffy The Vampire Slayer  
October 27, 1984   Brittany Ann Weston  Thirtysomething  
October 28, 1960    Fran Devanow   Mad About You  





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