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The "B's" speak their mind on "Sex & Romance"

Ray Barone
(Everyone Loves Raymond)

"Men don't like to cuddle. We only like it if it leads know...lower cuddling."
Elaine Benes  
"I'm not a lesbian. I hate men, but I'm not a lesbian."
Chandler Bing 
"Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian.
 ...Did I say that out loud?"
Paul Buchman 
(Mad About You)  
"That's why guys get married, so they can stop wooing. It's exhausting to woo. You know, you woo, you woo, and you woo,and then you gotta go `Whoa!'"
Al Bundy 
(Married...with Children)
"You know what I would do if I was President? I'd take a big empty state, that nobody's using, y'know, like Idaho, and I'd pack every pregnant woman in the country into donut trucks, and convoy 'em all to Boise. And since Idaho means nothing anyhow, I'd change the name to Preg-naho."





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