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Sugar Babe - The syrupy pet name of Kate McCoy (Kathleen Nolan) given to her by husband Luke McCoy (Richard Crenna) on the rural sitcom THE REAL MCCOYS/ABC/CBS/1957-63. Newly relocated from a West Virginian farm to a small ranch in the San Fernando Valley, these two newlyweds could always be found "a kissing and a hugging" in front of their crotchety Grandpa McCoy (Walter Brennan). In the series pilot, her nickname was "Honey Babe." In the more liberated 1980s, Steve Rhodes (David Garrison), the next door neighbor on the sitcom MARRIED WITH...CHILDREN/ FOX/1987-97 called his wife Marcy (Amanda Bearse) "Sugar Tush." See also - "Angel Cups"

Sugar Lips - The nickname of actress Judith Light from the sitcom WHO'S THE BOSS/ABC/1984-92. As of 2002, Judith Light joined the NBC series, LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT  in a recurring role as the unit's tough new chief, Elizabeth Donnelly, whose first case involves a suspected pedophile. Before her eight year stint on ABC's Who's the Boss, Judith portrayed Karen Wolek on "One Life to Live," for 5 years winning 2 Emmys, 2 Soapy Awards, and the Soap Opera Hall of Fame Award. Judith has also starred in numerous TV movies and theatrical productions, including Men Don't Tell (1993) with Peter Strauss, which dealt with the subject of husband abuse; an ABC-TV movie The Ryan White Story (1989) portraying the mother of Ryan White, a teenager with AIDS. and as of late in a successful run of the Pulitzer Prize winning play "Wit" in New York, Boston, Washington, DC and San Francisco, among other cities. Judith lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor Robert Desiderio, whom she met while appearing on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Sugar Tush  See - "Sugar Babe"

Sugarfoot - Name given to young, naive lawyer Tom Brewster (Will Hutchins) who left the East in search of adventure on the 1860s western series SUGARFOOT/ABC/1957-61. A "Sugarfoot" was a cowboy so inept that he was listed one class lower than a tender foot.

Summer - Family nickname of Roberta "Summer" Quinn (Nicole Eggert), a beautiful rookie lifeguard working at Malibu Beach for Los Angeles County on the adventure BAYWATCH/NBC/1989-90/SYN/1991-2001.

Super Dave - Zany daredevil character created and played by SMOTHERS BROTHERS veteran Bob Einstein. Super Dave was a stuntman and klutz who went to elaborate effort to accidentally maul himself in stunts gone hysterically haywire on SUPER DAVE/SHO/1987-92 and SUPER DAVE'S VEGAS SPECTACULAR/USA/1995. Super Dave was assisted by Fuji Hakayito (Art Irizawa), a technical advisor who strapped Dave into all sorts of stunts that were soon to go awry.

Super Stud - The CB handle of Dwayne F. Schneider (Pat Harrington, Jr.), the macho, mustachioed building superintendent who thought he was god's gift to women on the sitcom ONE DAY AT A TIME/CBS/1975-84. He lived in Indianapolis, Indiana in basement apartment No.1.

Superman  See - ALIENS

SuperSniffer - See "Gus-isms"

Swamp, The  See - HOMES & MANSIONS 

Swamp Fox - Nickname of General Francis Marion (1730-95) the Revolutionary War guerrilla fighter who battled the forces of the British Empire in America's South. Organizing a group of freedom fighters in 1780, he harassed the British occupational troops in South Carolina (his birthplace). SWAMP FOX was a multi-part filmed series on ABC's THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY (10/23/59-1/22/60) starring Leslie Nielsen as the elusive Swamp Fox. According to the program's rousing ballad "Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox, tail on his hat, nobody knows where the Swamp Fox at...."

Swamp Rat  See - "Star Killer"

Swamp Thing - Actress Faith Ford, who costarred on the sitcom MURPHY BROWN/CBS/1988-96 was nicknamed "Swamp Thing" by her cast members because she always told childhood stories about hunting the swamps and bayous with her father. Faith left her home of Pineville, Louisiana to try modeling in New York City. Her acting credits included the NBC soap opera ANOTHER WORLD; ABC's THIRTYSOMETHING; and finally CBS's MURPHY BROWN. (Saturday Evening Post May/June 1991 p. 121.)

Sweathogs, The - A rowdy group of seemingly un-teachable high school students on the education comedy WELCOME BACK, KOTTER/ABC/1975-79. The Sweathogs attended James Buchanan High School located in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. Their homeroom (No. 11) teacher, Mr. Gabe Kotter (Gabriel Kaplan), himself a former Sweathog made good, was the only one of the school's teachers who could relate to the frustrations of these socially disadvantaged youth who thought that going to school was a form of punishment. Mr. Kotter once said of the Sweathogs "Boy, what an honor in my class. All four Marx brothers. Wacko, Stupo, Jerko and Dummo." The four original Sweathogs were Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo De Huevos Epstein (Robert Hegyes), a Puerto-Rican Jew who lapsed into impersonations of the Marx Brothers on occasion and brought attention to himself with his forged notes from his mother ("Roses are red, violets are blue, I've been home two days with the Asian flu"); Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs), a tall, hip black student who suavely introduced himself by saying "Hi, there"; Arnold Horshack (Ron Palillo), the group's looney-toon whose catchphrase was "Ooh, ooh," (perhaps in tribute to Joe E. Ross); and Vinnie Barbarino (John Travolta), a slender, Italian Catholic who thought he was God's gift to women and who spoke such catchphrases as "I'm so confused," and "Who, what, where?" Later in the series new students joined the ranks of the Sweat-hogs. They were Angie Globagoski (Melonie Haller), the first female Sweat-hog; and Beau De Labarre (Stephen Shortridge), a smooth talking southern exchange student who could talk his way out of any difficulty. The group delighted in driving Mr. Michael Woodman (John Sylvester White) the school vice-principal (later principal) crazy with tricks like running his pants up the flag-pole and setting off the school's alarm system. Toward the end of the series, Vinnie Barbarino, got a part-time job as a hospital orderly. The concept of the Sweathogs was inspired by the real life experiences of comedian Gabe Kaplan when he lived in New York City. It was there he learned such classic put-down lines as "Up your nose with a rubber hose," which were often used on the program.

Swedish Bikini Team, The  See - ADVERTISING MASCOTS

Sweet Baby - The computer password code used by Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley), a tavern worker and aspiring corporate executive on the sitcom CHEERS/NBC/1982-93.

Sweet Cheeks - The nickname of archeologist Sydney Fox (Tia Carrere) mentioned on the episode "Buddha Bowl (September 20, 1999) on the adventure series RELIC HUNTER/SYN/1999-2002. The origins of Sydney's nickname came about one day when she was going to the bathroom in the wilderness while on an expedition. As she dropped her drawers a swarm of wasps (about 20) got into her pants and when she pulled them back on they began to sting her. To soothe the pain her fellow travelers (among them Stewie Harper, now a mercenary) smeared an available supply of marmalade onto her butt. Thus her moniker "Sweet Cheeks."

Sweet Knees  See "Sizzle Lips"

Swim Like a Fish - Childhood nickname of Barbara Weston (Kristy McNichol) on the sitcom EMPTY NEST/NBC/1988-95. Barbara got her nickname while attending Camp Weemawalk with her sister Carol (Dinah Manoff) whose camp name was "Stay in Tent."

Swoosie Kurtz - Actress Swoosie Kurtz who played Alex Reed-Halsey on the family drama SISTERS/NBC/1991-96 was named after a B-17D bomber aircraft soon after she was born on September 6, 1944 in Omaha Nebraska. Her parents wanted to name her Margo but an Associated Press release "The Second Swoose Has Landed" changed their plans. At the time, her Air Force Colonel father was flying bombing missions in a plane called the Swoose; (half-swan, half-goose).

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