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Ta -Th  /  Ti -Tz

Tin Man  See - ROBOTS: "Doc"

Tinklepants - See "Mr. Tinklepants"

Tiny Avenger, The  See - HANDICAPPED - Height Impaired: "In Living Color" 


Toad Boy  See - "Spud"

Today Girls, The - Network television's first early morning program TODAY/NBC/1952+ featured a group of lovely young ladies called "The Today Girls" (a.k.a. "Gals of the Week"). Their duties besides being attractive, shapely women were reading temperatures and one-word descriptions of the weather in major cities. Some famous "Today Girls" were Lee Ann Meriwether (Miss America of 1955) later of THE TIME TUNNEL/ABC/1966-67 and BARNABY JONES/CBS/1973-80; and Florence Henderson (1959-60) later of THE BRADY BUNCH/ABC/1969-74. Once, guest Harpo Marx chased one of these beautiful girls round and round the Today Show set. Barbara Walters parlayed her role of Today Girl over the years to a full fledged co-host of the TODAY program by 1974. Later she moved to ABC Network as nightly news co-anchor with Harry Reasoner (an assignment for which she received a whopping five million dollars) and followed that position with the magazine-of-the-air program 20/20, and a semi-regular series of celebrity interviews.


Tool Man, The  See - "The Tool Time Girl"

Tool Time Girl, The - Curvaceous assistant of Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) a cohost of the Detroit-based cable TV Fix-It-Show on the sitcom HOME IMPROVEMENT/ABC/1991-99. The blond and buxom Pamela Anderson played Lisa, the first Tool Time Girl from 1991-93. When Anderson left the series for a role on BAYWATCH, her Lisa character was succeeded by Heidi (Debbe Dunning), a wholesome, sexy brunette (but-she-doesn't-know-she's-sexy) girl-next-door, who sported a well-slung buckskin tool belt. The Tool Time Girl's chief responsibilities were as sexual-object walk-ons who introduced program host Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor with the rousing inquiry "Does everybody know what time it is?" To which the audience cried "Tool Time!" (People Weekly 10/18/93 p. 107-110 ). See also - "Dr. Fix-um" 

Torque  See - "The Bionic Man"

Toothy - First name of frontier man on the western adventure SUGARFOOT/ABC/1957-60. Toothy (Jack Elam) was described as "kinda spooky looking, always smilin'...a man with a face people distrust." One of Toothy's friends was a law student Tom Brewster (Will Hutchins) who got Toothy acquitted from a murder charge.

Tootie - The nickname of 11-year-old African-American youth Dorothy Ramsey (Kim Fields) on the sitcom FACTS OF LIFE/NBC/1979-88. Tootie was the younger of four females (Jo, Blair, and Natalie) who bonded as a group at the prestigious private girls school Eastland Academy in suburban Peekskill, New York. Tootie was fun-loving, a gossip and aspired to be an actress. On the ABC Wonderful World of Disney "Facts of Life" Reunion movie that aired on November 18, 2001, fans of the show discovered Tootie was all grown up. She was the successful host of the Hollywood-based TV Talk Show WAKE UP WITH DOROTHY, and a single parent with a 10-year-old daughter named Tisha (Alexandra Johnson). Oh yeah, Tootie didn't like being called "Tootie" anymore. She preferred that people now address her by the name - Dorothy.

TV Guide - Real family nickname of black actor and director Robert Townsend. He earned the name "TV Guide" because he spent so much time watching television while growing up on the West side of Chicago. Left alone a lot as a child (his mother worked at the Post Office and his father had passed another family) Townsend became fascinated with television. He often locked himself in the bathroom and impersonated all the characters he saw on the tube. If someone missed an episode of a particular TV show Townsend acted out the program including all the character voices. His love of movies later inspired him to create Hollywood Shuffle (1987), a comedy which he financed by charging production costs to his credit cards. In the 1990s he starred as college professor Robert Peterson on the family sitcom THE PARENT 'HOOD/WB/1995-1999. See also - MAGAZINES: "TV Guide Magazine"

TW3 - Nickname for the political/news satire program THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS/NBC/1964-65 starring Nancy Ames, David Frost, Henry Morgan, Phyllis Newman, Pat Englund, Buck Henry, Elliot Reid, Bob Dishy, Doro Merande, Alan Alda, Sandy Baron, Tom Bosley, Jerry Damon, Stanley Grover, Burr Tillstom's Puppets and The Norman Paris Orchestra. Zinging the weeks news makers with arrows of outrageous comic accuracy made this program very popular. Black humor targeted at such groups/topics as Pollution, The Pope, The Republican Party, Racial Discrimination, and The Military Machine were quite common. The series was a first in political humor to be followed in later years by such programs as THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR/CBS/1967-69/ABC/1970/NBC/1975 and NBC'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE/1975+ and IN LIVING COLOR/FOX/1990-94.

Twinkle Toes - The childhood nickname of Rose Nylund, a scatterbrained senior citizen who lived in Miami Beach with a group of female seniors on the sitcom THE GOLDEN GIRLS/NBC/1985-92. Rose was born and raised in the town of St. Olaf Minnesota (the "Broken Hip Capital of the Country"). She married a tile grouter named Charlie Nylund and when he died, she moved to Florida. She owns a cat named Mr. Peepers and for hobbies she enjoys stamp collecting, Viking history and cheese making. As a child in Minnesota, Rose owned a pig named Lester who could predict the Academy Award winners by wiggling its tail.

Twinkles - Carol Brady (Florence Henderson), the mother of six youngsters (3 boys and 3 girls) on the sitcom THE BRADY BUNCH/ABC/1969-74 was called "Twinkles" as a teenager when she attended West Side High School. During episode No.103 "Quarterback Sneak," Carol's visiting college sweetheart "Tank" Gates constantly referred to Carol as "Twinkles" as he nostalgically ran football plays in her living room.

Two-Bit - Nickname of a troubled young teenager (David Arguette) on the drama THE OUTSIDERS/FOX/1990. "Two-Bit" Matthews worshipped Elvis Presley and even had his hair styled after his idol. His friends included the Curtis brothers, Pony Boy (Jay R. Ferguson) and Sodapop (Rodney Harvey).

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