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Washoe - Cherokee family nickname (meaning "Lone Eagle") of Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris), a modern-day half-Indian Texas Ranger on the police drama WALKER, TEXAS RANGER/CBS/1993-2001. Walker was raised by his Native American uncle Ray (Floyd Red Crow Westerman) after Walker's father died. TRIVIA NOTE:  Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman died 12/13/2007 from Leukemia complications.

Weebie - Childhood sobriquet of architect Wilbur Post (Alan Young) on the sitcom MISTER ED/SYN/CBS/1961-66. Wilbur was raised by his Aunt Martha (Eleanor Audley). His nickname as a baby was Weebie. See also - "Dippy"

Wella Girl, The - Nickname of actress Farah Fawcett-Majors when she appeared as the spokeswoman for a series of TV and print advertisements for the Wella Corporation of Englewood, New Jersey, the makers of Wella Balsam Conditioner. Their ad campaign which featured Farah's prodigious blond hair and wonderful smile, was created in 1974 by Creamer Advertising. Farah Fawcett went on to star in the detective drama CHARLIE'S ANGELS/ABC/1976-81; the sci-fi movie Logan's Run (1976) and the controversial NBC made-for-TV movie The Burning Bed (1984) about a battered wife who sets her husband on fire in a desperate attempt to escape an abusive relationship. Earlier in her career actress Ally Walker from the police drama PROFILER/NBC/1996-99 was known as the "Nice & Easy Girl" and spokesperson for their hair color rinse products.

Whipper - The moniker of Jennifer "Whipper" Cone (Dyan Cannon) an opinionated and very independent municipal judge on the legal dramedy ALLY MCBEAL/FOX/1997-2002. Cone's nickname implied her toughness, as in "there's a kitten who knows her way around a whip."

Whispering Smith - The nickname of soft-spoken Denver police detective Tom "Whispering" Smith (Audie Murphy) on the western adventure WHISPERING SMITH/NBC/1961. The series was based on the film Whispering Smith (1948) starring Alan Ladd.

White Rook  See - "Check Mate King-2"

White Shadow, The - Ken Howard starred as Caucasian basketball coach, Ken Reeves on the education drama THE WHITE SHADOW/CBS/1978-81. Retired from professional basketball due to a knee injury, Reeves took a job at Carver High School in Los Angeles coaching a group of tough inner city (mostly black) teenagers in the fine art of basketball. After winning their first basketball game (they had been on a losing streak) Reeves told his team he would be behind them "like a white shadow."

Whoopee! - As in "Let's make whoopee!" This word was the censor-sanctioned euphemism for sex used on THE NEWLYWED GAME/ABC/SYN/1966-90. Whenever host Bob Eubanks asked questions about S-E-X, he veiled his queries by using the word Whoopee! A typical question to the newlyweds: "When you and your husband first made Whoopee!, was he a limp shrimp, a stout trout, or a virgin sturgeon?" The game show 3's A CROWD/SYN/1979-80, a retread of THE NEWLYWED GAME also used the word "Whoopee!" For example, "If you and your secretary decided to make Whoopee! in the office, what would be the most inventive place you could thing of?" Both programs were produced by Chuck Barris, the creator of THE GONG SHOW. TRIVIA NOTE: During "The Nerds" sketch on a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE program in the 1970s, comedian Jane Curtin played the mother of Lisa Loopner, a nerdy teenager. In an attempt to teach Lisa about the "birds and the bees," Mrs. Loopner related this little story. "Making a baby, it's like making egg salad. You the woman, produce the eggs, and the man furnishes the mayonnaise. Of course, you don't need chopped celery. Oh, I've just given you my egg salad recipe, and I was saving that for your twenty-first birthday."

Eubanks: Where will your husband say your worst "whoopee" session usually takes place?
Wife: In the bathtub.
Eubanks:  In the bathtub?
Wife: Yes, because the water always makes his peeny shrivel up.                 

Wild Bill Hickok - James Butler Hickok (a.k.a. "Wild Bill Hickok"1837-1876) was a Pony Express rider, Union scout, western gunfighter and later Marshal in the town of Abilene, Kansas in the 1870s. Guy Madison starred in THE ADVENTURES OF WILD BILL HICKOK/SYN/1951-58 as Wild Bill Hickok "the bravest, strongest, fight'nest US Marshall in the whole west!" or so said his sidekick Jingles played by Andy Devine. In real-life US Marshal Hickok, the inspiration for this series, was killed by Jack McCall on August 2, 1876 while engaged in a game of poker. Found in Wild Bill's hand was the now famous "dead man's hand" of aces and eights. Years later the western adventure THE YOUNG RIDERS/ABC/1989-92 featured a young Bill Hickok (Josh Brolin) as he worked as a Pony Express rider.

Wishbone - Nickname of balding and bearded cattle drive cook (Paul Brinegar) who served up heapin's of biscuits and gravy for the hungry drovers who worked along the dusty Sedalia Trail in the late 1800's on the western series RAWHIDE/CBS/1959-66. Of course, in the tradition of the western, the cowhands complained about his cooking. Wishbone's assistant was an empty-headed cowpoke nicknamed Mushy (James Murdock). See also - DOGS: "Wishbone"

Wizard, The - Wayne Rogers (real name: William Wayne Mcmillan Rogers III), the former star of the military comedy M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83 who played Capt. John McIntyre (a.k.a. "Trapper John"), is known in real-life to his friends as "The Wizard" because of his shrewd business sense and his ability to make money.

Wolf of Wall Street, The  See - "Lover"

Wolfman Jack  See - MUSIC & MUSICIANS  

Wonder Dog, The  See - DOGS:"Buddy the Wonder Dog"; "Bullet the Wonder Dog"; "Chris the Wonder Dog"; and "Arnold the Semi-Wonder Dog"

Wonder Horse, The  See - HORSES: "Champion the Wonder Horse"

Wonder Rodent, The  See - MICE & RATS: "Oscar the Wonder Rodent"

Wonder Woman  See - ALIENS

Woodchuck - Walkie-talkie code name of Dicky Peterson (Jim Carrey), a nerdish, pseudo-street vigilante on comedy skits seen on IN LIVING COLOR/FOX/1990-94. Not wanted by the Guardian Angels, Dicky formed his own street vigilante group (membership of one) to patrol the streets of his neighborhood. His uniform consisted of a yellow beret, combat boots, camouflage green pants, and a tee-shirt that proclaimed "Cherubs of Justice". He was viewed as an "inconvenience" at his local convenience store and a side walk simpleton to a presidential secret service agent assigned crowd control while vice-president Dan Quayle traveled through Dicky's territory. Headquarters for Dicky was his home (address #607). His mother's Walkie-Talkie code name was "Grey Squirrel." If Dicky wanted to avoid any messages from his mother he made static sounds and professed the need to maintain radio silence. When threatened, Dicky pointed his little finger in the direction of trouble and promised to use his "Death Touch."

World's Greatest Liar, The - Given to overstatement, Fibber McGee of FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY/NBC/1959-60 was known affectionately as "The World's Greatest Liar." Fibber McGee first appeared on the radio comedy FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY (from 1935 through 1952) starring Jim Fibber as Fibber and Marian Driscoll Jordon as Molly. The TV version starred Bob Sweeney and Cathy Lewis. Another great spinner of tales was Captain Horatio K. Huffenpuff (He received a trophy for being the "World's Greatest Liar"), who commanded the bridge of the Leakin' Lena on the cartoon adventure THE BEANY AND CECIL SHOW/ABC/1963-67. In the late 1980s comedian John Lovitz from the cast of NBC'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, introduced the recurring character Tommy Flanagan, a pathological liar who concluded all his fibs with "Yeah, Yeah, that's the ticket!" His lies were so obvious nobody ever believed them. The cartoon TENNESSEE TUXEDO/CBS/1963-66 featured the segment "The World of Commander McBragg" about the ramblings and tall tales of a retired military man ("There I was, surrounded by cannibals when..."). The game show THE LIARS CLUB/SYN/1976-79/USA/1986-87 with host Bill Armstrong and later Allen Ludden raised lying to an art form. Four contestants tried to guess which story told by a celebrity panel member was true or false. The celebrities were given an odd gadget or antique and had to construct a plausible story to describe the object's purpose or function. See also "Face" and "ADVERTISING MASCOTS:

World's Oldest Juvenile Delinquent, The - On the sitcom BACHELOR FATHER/CBS/NBC/ABC/1957-62, Asian actor Sammee Tong appeared as Peter Tong, houseboy to successful Hollywood attorney Bentley Gregg (John Forsythe). Among Peter's many relatives was his Grandpa Ling, a 70-year-old prankster known as the world's oldest juvenile delinquent." His vocabulary was limited to "Hello, Joe," and "Nice."

World's Oldest Living Teenager, The  See - "America's Oldest Living Teenager"

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