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Oaths & Pledges - Science Fiction

"I solemnly swear to safeguard..." - The oath taken by the Space Cadets who attended Space Academy on the children's sci-fi  series TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADETS/CBS/ABC/NBC/DUM/1950-55.


Based in the year A.D. 2350-55, Tom Corbett (Frankie Thomas), a curly-headed teenager attended Space Academy, where he hoped to become a Rocketeer in the Solar Guards. The official Solar Guard pledge read:

"I solemnly swear to safeguard the freedom of space,   protect the liberties of the planets, and defend the cause of peace throughout the universe."

The official Space Cadet Corp song lyrics read:

From the rocket fields of the Academy
To the Far flung stars of outer space
We are space cadets training to be
Ready for dangers we may face.

We are space cadets, and we are proud to say
Our fight for right will never cease.
Like a cosmic ray, we light the way,
For Inter-planet peace!

Up in the sky, rocketing past,
Higher than high, faster than fast,
Out into space, into the sun
Look at her go when we give her the gun.

From the rocket fields of the Academy…

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