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Program Description
Palace Guard/CBS/1991

Thief Turned Security Expert

Paper Moon/ABC/1974-75

Traveling Con-Artist/Bible Salesman

The Paradise Club/BBC/1989-90

Young Man Inherits Father's Underworld Empire


Actual Filmed Parole Hearings

Perfect Scoundrels/TVS/1990-92

British Confidence Men "Sting" Innocent Victims

The Phil Silvers Show/CBS/1955-59

Hustling Scam Artist Army Platoon Sergeant


Paroled Felons Work Undercover for FBI


Investment Banker Falsely Imprisoned

Police Squad!/ABC/1982

Shoeshine Boy/Police Snitch


British Convict Doing Time In Prison

Prison Break/FOX/2005+ Staff of Fox River State Penitentiary, a maximum security where one brother awaits execution for a crime he didn't commit, while another brother gets himself sentence to the same prison with a plan to break both of them out.
Prisoner: Cell Block H/SYN/1980

Wentworth Detention Center Women Felons

Private Schulz/BBC/1981

Convict Mistakenly Recruited Into SS Counter Espionage


"Jack of All Trades" Serial Killer

Pros & Cons/ABC/1991-92

Cop & Con Turned Private Investigators

P.S. I Luv U/CBS/1991-92

Con Artist/Informant

Public Enemy No.2/SHO/1991

"Most Wanted" Spoof


British Gentleman Thief

Robin Of Sherwood/HTV/SHO/1984-86

Nobleman Assumes Identity of  Forest Outlaw

Robin's Hoods/SYN/1994

Parolees Hired To Work In Nightclub

Rockford Files/NBC/1974-80

Ex-Con Turned Private Investigator & Hustler Friend

Rogues' Gallery/GRA/1968-69

London's Newgate Prison During The 1750s

Scene of the Crime/CBS/1991-92

Crime Anthology Series


50 Years In The Life Of A British Conman/Thief


Ex-Naval Officer Turned Smuggler


Convicted Murderer Escapes From Prison

South Of The Border/BBC/1988

Thief Released From Prison Partners With Detective

The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh/NBC/1964

Masked Smuggler Aids The Needy

The Sopranos/HBO/1999-2007

Italian Mobsters Living In Suburban New Jersey

South Beach/NBC/1993

Con-Artist Paired With Federal Agent

South of Sunset/CBS/1993

Ex-Thief Turned Private Eye's Assistant


Internecine Gang Warfare In South London

Stand By Your Man/FOX/1992

Imprisoned Bank Robbers & Their Visiting Wives

Stay Lucky/YTV/1989-1993

Cockney Man On Run From London Underworld

Stir Crazy/CBS/1985-86

Falsely Accused Criminals on the Run

The Sword of Justice/NBC/1987-79

Playboy Falsely Imprisoned For Embezzlement


Private Eye's Street Snitch

The Tall Man/NBC/1960-62

Frontier Outlaw Billy The Kid


Female WWII Japanese POWs

Thief/FX/2006 Car Salesman/Thief and His Crew of Criminals

High Class Thieves (One Male/One Female)


Con-artist, Jewel Thief & Computer Hacker Blackmailed

Thick As Thieves/LWT/1974

Convict Returns Home After Three Years In Prison

Turtle's Progress/ATV/1979-80

Two Small Time Crooks Steal Safe Deposit Boxes

The Untouchables/ABC/1959-63

1930s Mobsters

Union Square/NBC/1997

Ex-Con Turned Short Order Cook

Urban Angel (Prime Time After Crime Time)/CBS/1991-93

Ex-Con Hired As Reporter

Vanishing Son/SYN/1994-95

Violinist Falsely Accused of Murder


Ex-Mafioso Turned Investigator Of The Mafia


Exploits Of Nine Prison Escapee Bank Robbers

The Villains/GRA/1964-65

Lives Of Criminals In Northern England

When Things Were Rotten/ABC/1975

Sherwood Forest Outlaw

Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?/PBS/1991-1996

Elusive Computer Game Thief

Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego?/FOX/1994-1998

Elusive Computer Game Thief

Where In USA Is Carmen San Diego?/FOX/1996-1998 Elusive Computer Game Thief
Widows (Widows II)/THA/1983 & 1985

Criminal's Widows  Stage An Armed Robbery


Syndicate Mobsters

Within These Walls/LWT/1973-78

Prisoners At Stone Park, HM Prison For Women

Women In Prison/FOX/1987-88

Life In A Women's Prison

The XYY Man/GRA/1976-77

Cat Burglar With Chromosomal Defect For Crime?


Early California Masked Avenger


Early California Masked Avenger

Zorro and Son/CBS/1983

Early California Masked Avenger & Son

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