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Fashion Industry  See also  "Beauty Culture"

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Program Description
The Mackenzies of Paradise Cove/ABC/1979 Model For Pippa's Fashions
The Man In The Family/ABC/1991 Dry Cleaning Shop Owner
Married...With Children/Fox/1987-97 Sexy Dumb Blond Model & Rock Bimbo
Melrose Place/FOX/1992-99 Jane Mancini Designs Boutique/Fashion Designer
Model/E!/1997 A Day In A Life Of Models
Model, Inc./FOX/1994-95 Models, Inc. Modeling Agency
Molloy/FOX/1990 Interior Decorator
Morning Star/NBC/1965-66 Female Fashion Designer  
Murphy's Law/ABC/1988-89 Beautiful Eurasian Model
Needles & Pins/NBC/1973  Clothing Manufacturer
Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width/ABP/1967-68/THA/1968-71 London Tailors
Occasional Wife/NBC/1966-67 Aspiring Dress Designer
The O'Neills/DUM/1949-50 Dress Designer
One Day At A Time/CBS/1975-84 Freelance Fashion Designer
Out All Night/NBC/1992-93 Fashion Stylist
Paper Dolls/ABC/1984 Racine Model Agency Owner & Tempus Sportswear Owner  
Police Woman/NBC/1974-78 Fashion Model ("Pepper")  Turned Police Detective
The Rag Trade/BBC/1961-63 Staffers At Fenner Fashions' Dressmaking Workshop
Rhoda/CBS/1974-78 Window Dresser (Windows By Rhoda) & Doyle Costume Co.  
Rock Candy/SYN/1987 Morton's Of Sherman Oaks Fashion Boutique
Sanchez of Bel Air/USA/1986-87 Clothing Manufacturer
Sisters/NBC/1991-96 Fashion Designer With Clothing Line called "Teddy Ware"
Sister, Sister/ABC/WB/1994-99 Seamstress/Dress Designer with Shop in Mall
Small Wonders/SYN/1985-89 The Clothing Boutique Salesclerk
Sons & Daughters/CBS/1991 Female Interior Decorator  
Sunday Dinner/CBS/1991 Shoes & Handbags Fashion Designer
Sydney/CBS/1990 Contemporary Fashions Model
That's Life/ABC/1998 Aspiring Interior Decorator
Three Steps To Heaven/NBC/1951 Female Models  
Too Close For Comfort/ABC/SYN/1980-86 Fashion Designer
Twins/WB/2005 Owner of the Corrigan Lingerie Company hand over their business to their grown (dissimilar) daughters. Their Mother is a Botoxed former model
Two Girls Named Smith/ABC/1951 Aspiring Female Model & Fashion Designer
The Ugliest Girl In Town/ABC/1968-69 Male Poses as Female Model  
Veronica's Closet/NBC/1997-2000 Lingerie Co. Owner (a.k.a "Queen of Romance")
Wild, Wild Women/BBC/1969 London Milliner & Sweatshop Girls
Will & Grace/NBC/1998+ Grace Adler Interior Designs
Woman With A Past/CBS/1954 Fashion Designer  
We've Got Each Other/CBS/1977-78 Mail-Order Catalog Model

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